Do you know of 'Billy's Boot Camp'? graph of japanese statisticsIn an attempt to jump onto two bandwagons at once, I couldn’t resist that headline to go with recent research from Yahoo! Japan Value Insight (ex-INFOPlant) on weight loss diets. The results presented below are just the highlights of the full report consisting of twenty-one questions, ten on diets in general, eleven on Billy’ Boot Camp in particular.


Over the 27th and 28th of July 2007 400 members of Value Insight’s online questionnaire panel successfully completed a private questionnaire. The sample was exactly 50:50 male and female, and 25.0% in their twenties, 25.0% in their thirties, 25.0% in their forties, and 25.0% in their fifties.

The title of this article comes from comparing the awareness figures for this survey versus the awareness of another big thing in Japan, the iPhone. About seven or eight in ten have heard of the iPhone, whereas 85% have heard of Billy Blanks’ diet; indeed in the key female dieting age range from 20 to 49 over 99% of the women have at least heard his name!

Research results

Q1: Do you know of “Billy’s Boot Camp”? (Sample size=400)

  All Male
Have done, or am doing the program (to SQs) 15% 16% 14%
Not done it, but know what it is 70% 63% 78%
Don’t know what it is, but heard the name 9% 13% 6%
Don’t know it at all 6% 9% 3%

Q1SQ1: Did you lose weight or have other diet benefit from Billy’s Boot Camp? (Sample size=60)

Had benefit 12%
Had some benefit 37%
Can’t say either way 30%
Didn’t have much benefit 13%
Had no benefit at all 8%

Q1SQ2: Do you want to contiune doing Billy’s Boot Camp in the future? (Sample size=60)

Want to continue 55%
Can’t say either way 25%
Don’t want to continue 20%

Q2A: In the last two or three years or so, how satisfied have you been with food intake limiting diets? (Sample size=157, those on food limiting diets in the last three years)

Satisfied 10%
A little satisfied 31%
Can’t say either way 25%
A little dissatisfied 25%
Dissatisfied 10%

Q2B: In the last two or three years or so, how satisfied have you been with diet food-based diets? (Sample size=63, those on diet food-based diets in the last three years)

Satisfied 5%
A little satisfied 14%
Can’t say either way 22%
A little dissatisfied 38%
Dissatisfied 21%

Q2C: In the last two or three years or so, how satisfied have you been with gym, school, or lesson-based diets? (Sample size=53, those on gym, school, or lesson-based diets in the last three years)

Satisfied 11%
A little satisfied 40%
Can’t say either way 17%
A little dissatisfied 28%
Dissatisfied 4%

Q2D: In the last two or three years or so, how satisfied have you been with exercise-based diets that can be done at home, in parks, etc? (Sample size=108, those on exercise-based diets that can be done at home, in parks, etc in the last three years)

Satisfied 8%
A little satisfied 46%
Can’t say either way 21%
A little dissatisfied 18%
Dissatisfied 6%

Q3: For diets you may do in the future, what points are important? (Sample size=400, free and multiple answer)

Rank Point Percentage
1 Effectiveness 48%
2 Can do whenever I want 45%
3 Doesn’t cost money 38%
4 Can enjoy doing it 29%
5 Can do by myself 27%
6 Can be effective in a short time 24%
7 Is based around body movement 19%
8 Can do it slowly over a long time period 14%
9 Few compulsory elements 13%
10 Can do it anywhere 12%


Laurena · April 8, 2009 at 23:25

I have utilized Billy Blanks workouts for several years. Ultimately, I find Billy’s signature motto, moves and mind set more beneficial then any other exercise ghuru.

If you do the work, you will lose the weight. Dissatisfied users more than likely half step and expect results. Physical fitness is a lifestyle, not a way of life. It takes commitment to see results.

Mixeur plongeant · October 19, 2016 at 11:30

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