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One place where mobile phone vendors probably make a reasonable amount of profit is on accessories purchased along with a new phone, as they have the customer already opening their wallet, so pushing a couple of extra bits and bobs onto the punter is a relatively easy sale. To find out how the customer thinks, japan.internet.com recently reported on a survey conducted by goo Research into mobile phone accessories.


Between the 27th and 30th of July 2007 1,084 members of goo Research’s online monitor group completed a private internet-based questionnaire. 53.0% were male, 16.4% in their teens, 18.2% in their twenties, 21.9% in their thirties, 16.0% in their forties, 15.4% in their fifties, and 12.2% aged sixty or older.

Looking at Q2, I wonder if there is a possibility that the respondents were confused. I find it rather difficult to believe that less than one in five buy either an AC adaptor or a cradle, or conversely that almost one in five buy a second AC adaptor or cradle, so perhaps there was confusion as to whether or not to indicate that the separately paid for but usually purchased (I suspect) adaptor and cradle were actually to be counted as accessories.

Research results

First, out the 1,084 people in the sample, 1,004 were mobile phone users. When they were asked which optional items are needed for mobile phones, most people (68.6%) answered that it was an AC adaptor. Next was a battery pack, with 60.8% choosing this option. Next was a desktop cradle, with 42.5% choosing that.

Q1: What mobile phone optional accessory do you think is most important? (Sample size=1,004)

AC adaptor35935.8%
Battery pack24824.7%
Table-top use cradle10810.8%
External memory card454.5%
USB cable333.3%
Emergency-use dry cell battery power pack282.8%
Portable battery recharger272.7%
In-car cigar socket adapter181.8%
In-car use cradle80.8%
Basic headphone and microphone kit70.7%
Headphone and microphone kit with remote control70.7%
Headphone jack adaptor50.5%
Bone conduction headphone kit40.4%
Carrying case20.2%
Exchangeable face plate00.0%

Next, it was found out that around half the sample, or 493 people, had bought accessories along with their mobile phone. Note my comments in the introduction on this point.

Q2: Which optional items for mobile phones have you purchased? (Sample size=493, multiple answer)

AC adaptor20942.4%
External memory card18337.1%
Table-top use cradle17435.3%
Battery pack16934.3%
USB cable10721.7%
Basic headphone and microphone kit8918.1%
Emergency-use dry cell battery power pack6813.8%
In-car cigar socket adapter6312.8%
Carrying case479.5%
Headphone jack adaptor408.1%
In-car use cradle306.1%
Headphone and microphone kit with remote control285.7%
Exchangeable face plate275.5%
Portable battery recharger214.3%
Bone conduction headphone kit30.6%
Can’t remember20.4%

I’d liked to have seen separate data for BlueTooth-based headphones.

Q3: Where did you buy your mobile phone and accessories? (Sample size=493, multiple answer)

Home electrical store27756.2%
Carrier’s shop24449.5%
Other mobile phone shop5711.6%
Carrier’s online store214.3%
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