As much part of Japanese fireworks festivals as the explosives themselves, the outdoor stalls selling various foodstuffs always attract lots of hungry punters. To find out what people just have to buy at these outdoor stalls, goo Ranking asked an unspecified number of people from the goo Research online monitor group that very question between the 19th and 21st of June 2007.

For me personally, the smell of cooking and sauces actually puts me off rather than attracting me! What do you like to eat?

Ranking results

Q: What food do you most get a craving for at outdoor stalls?

Rank 日本語 Reading Explanation Score
1 たこ焼き Takoyaki Fried octopus balls – Japan’s answer to fish and chips, balls of batter with a bit of octupus in the middle, smothered in sauce and katsuobushi, bonita fish shavings 100
2 焼きそば Yakisoba Fried soba noodles with cabbage, pork, sauce, some ginger and katsuobushi 51.8
3 焼きとうもろこし Yaki Tomorokoshi Grilled corn on the cob 45.0
4 お好み焼き Okonomiyaki Savoury pancake thing, usually with cabbage, pork, sauce, dried seaweed flakes, and more katsuobushi 40.3
5 いか焼き Ikayaki Fried squid on a stick 37.0
6 焼き鳥・鶏串 Yakitori, torikushi Grilled chicken on a stick 35.9
7 かき氷 Kakigoori Ice shavings usually topped with fruit sauce 34.6
8 フランクフルト Frankfurt Frankfurter on a stick – just the sausage, no bun, etc 34.0
9 クレープ Crepe Crepe, usually filled with fruit 30.7
10 たい焼き Taiyaki Sweet bean-paste in a savoury pancake mix, shaped like a tai fish 28.6
11 じゃがバター Jaga Bataa Potato pan-fried in butter 25.5
12 今川焼・大判焼 Imagawayaki, Obanyaki Variants on the taiyaki above 24.8
13 牛串・豚串 Gyukushi, Tonkushi Cow or pig bits grilled on a stick 23.0
14 ラムネ Ramune Fizzy lemonade drink with a marble in the neck to keep it fresh 21.7
15 フライドポテト Fried potato Chips again, this time deep-fried style 20.9
16 ホットドッグ Hot Dog Hot Dog 18.8
17 ベビーカステラ Baby Castella Bite-sized castella cake, a not very light nor spongy sponge 18.2
18 おでん・みそこんにゃく Oden, Misokonnyaku Vegetables and fish sticks simmered in broth 18.2
19 チョコバナナ Choko Banana Chocolate banana 17.2
20 唐揚げ Kara-age Deep-fried bite-sized chicken nuggets 16.4
21 りんご飴・パイン飴 Ringo-ame, Pain-ame Sugar-coated apples or pineapples 15.4
22 天津甘栗 Amatsu Amaguri Broiled sweet chestnuts 15.4
23 五平餅 Goheimochi Rice gluten balls on a stick, covered with miso sauce and grilled 15.3
24 綿菓子 Watagashi Cotton candy, candy floss 14.1
25 チヂミ Chijimi Okonomiyaki Korean-style 10.6
26 もつ煮込み Motsu nikomi Stewed beef tripe topped with spices 10.5
27 ポップコーン Popcorn Just standard popcorn 9.4
28 ソースせんべい Sauce Senbei Rice crackers covered in sauce 9.4
29 人形焼 Ningyoyaki Sweet bean-pasted wrapped in pancake or similar batter, cooked in doll face shape. Relative of Taiyaki above 7.7
30 あめ細工 Amezaiku Sculpted melted sugar 7.1


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