If you are looking for iPhone emoji information, here is a story on why no emoji is killing the iPhone.

How satisified are you with the emoji on your mobile phone? graph of japanese statisticsRather than text-based smilies that we’ve looked at in earlier surveys, this time we look at the emoji graphical icons that the three main Japanese mobile operators all support to varying degrees, called 絵文字, emoji, picture characters. Here is a full table of the set of emoji common across the three main carriers, NTT DoCoMo, SoftBank, and EzWeb (au and TU-KA from KDDI) so you can see for yourself how good or bad each provider’s art work is. Recently, MyVoice investigated this subject of mobile phone emoji graphical icon usage.


Between the 1st and 5th of June 2007 13,158 members of the MyVoice internet community completed a web-based questionnaire. 54% of the sample was female, 2% in their teens, 18% in their twenties, 39% in their thirties, 27% in their forties, and 14% in their fifties or older.

Note that some of the newer DoCoMo phones, such as the Panasonic P703i come with an enormous library of pseudo-emoji, implemented as embedded images in HTML mail.

Research results

Q1: Which mobile phone provider do you currently use? (Sample size=13,158)

DoCoMo 43.3%
au 28.7%
SoftBank 19.8%
Other 0.7%
Don’t have a mobile phone 5.2%

Q2: Do you use emoji in mail you write? (Sample size=mobile phone users)

Often use 36.4%
Sometimes use 42.0%
Don’t use 19.4%
Don’t know about them or how to use them 2.1%
No answer 0.2%

Q3: What kinds of emoji do you use a lot? (Sample size=emoji users, up to three answers)

Faces 89.0%
Emotions 55.4%
Weather 27.8%
Symbols 26.2%
Vehicles, buildings 21.3%
Food, drink 20.5%
Animals 16.6%
Flowers, trees 8.4%
Tools 7.0%
Other 2.2%
No answer 0.3%

Q4: What kinds of emoji do you want to use more of in the future? (Sample size=emoji users, up to three answers)

Emotions 48.4%
Faces 45.8%
Food, drink 24.8%
Tools 19.1%
Symbols 15.0%
Animals 14.5%
Vehicles, buildings 12.2%
Flowers, trees 11.8%
Weather 5.1%
Other 3.6%
None in particular 18.3%
No answer 0.4%

Q5: How satisified are you with the emoji on your mobile phone? (Sample size=emoji users)

Satisfied (to SQ1) 16.4%
Somewhat satisfied (to SQ1) 42.5%
Can’t say either way 23.1%
Not very satisfied (to SQ2) 14.3%
Dissatisfied (to SQ2) 2.7%
No answer 1.0%

Q5SQ1: Why are you satisfied with the emoji on your mobile phone? (Sample size=satisfied emoji users, up to three answers)

Pictures are cute 53.6%
Pictures are simple 31.6%
Colourful 30.6%
Animations are cute 29.0%
Lots of kinds of emoji 25.5%
Single colour so easy to understand 11.0%
Other 4.6%
No answer 1.0%

Q5SQ2: Why are you dissatisfied with the emoji on your mobile phone? (Sample size=dissatisfied emoji users, up to three answers)

Few kinds of emoji 72.2%
Prefer the design of other companies’ emoji 34.9%
Don’t think they are cute 29.0%
Pictures are thin and difficult to understand 15.1%
Other 8.1%
No answer 1.1%


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