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At work, how long per day do you gathering internet info? graph of japanese opinionI’ve never heard (as it were) of people surfing under voice control at work (excluding swearing at the browser for crashing or the internet for being slow, of course) but a recent survey reported on by and conducted by JR Tokai Express Research on browsing at work showed that these sort of people do exist.


On the 7th of June 2007 333 members of JR Tokai Express Research’s online monitor pool employed in private industry completed a private internet-based questionnaire. 70.9% of the sample were male, 10.5% in their twenties, 52.0% in their thirties, 29.1% in their forties, 6.0% in their fifties, and 2.4% in their sixties.

Sadly there was no question asked (or at least not reported) on how much of the time was spent on work-related versus private-related activities. Our workplace strictly forbids private surfing.

Q2 is a bit confusing to answer regarding feed reading – does using services like Google Reader or Bloglines count as using a feed reader? Therefore, I find the figures in that table a bit unreliable. I also wonder why so many people don’t know how they are surfing.

Research results

Out of the 333 people in the intial sample, 270 used PCs or Macintoshes at work. They were asked the following questions:

Q1: At work, on average, about how much time do you spend per day gathering information on the internet? (Sample size=270)

Up to 30 minutes26.3%
Thirty minutes to one hour17.4%
One to two hours27.0%
Two to three hours9.3%
More than three hours16.7%
Don’t use it every day3.3%

Q2: At work, what tools do you use when gathering information on the internet? (Sample size=270, multiple answer)

Browser’s RSS feed reader155.6%
Stand-alone RSS feed reader51.9%
Don’t know3211.9%

Q3: At work, how do you control your browser or RSS reader? (Sample size=270, multiple answer)

Almost always mouse79.6%
Mouse and keyboard16.7%
Almost always keyboard1.9%
Mouse and keyboard and voice0.0%
Mouse and voice0.4%
Keyboard and voice0.0%
Almost always voice0.4%
Don’t know1.1%
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