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Do you view internet-based electronic bulletin boards? graph of japanese opinion2 Channel is the bulletin board system that mkes all the news in Japan, usually for all the wrong reasons! It is a cess-it, albeit an extremely popular cess-pit, always ready to pounce on the latest scandal and spread much muck, along with the all to rare smidgeon of truth. To learn more about what people get out of these boards, japan.internet.com recently published the results of a survey by JR Tokai Express Research on the very topic of internet bulletin board usage.


On the 16th of May 2007 JR Tokai Express Research interviewed 330 people by means of a private internet-based questionnaire. 54.5% of the sample was female, 22.4% in their twenties, 36.7% in their forties, 23.9% in their forties, 10.9% in their fifties, and 6.1% in their sixties.

About the only bulletin board I’m active on these days is the Digital Point forums.

Research results

Q1: Do you view internet-based electronic bulletin boards? (Sample size=330)

Yes (to SQ1)83.6%

Q1SQ1: Which kinds of internet-based electronic bulletin boards have you viewed? (Sample size=276)

Bulletin board on a personal web site19771.4%
Yahoo! or other portal site’s bulletin board18165.6%
2 channel or other large-scale bulletin board site (to SQ2)18165.6%
Kakaku.com or other word-of-mouth bulletin board17864.5%
Amazon.co.jp or other review site15455.8%
Famous person’s or product site’s bulletin board11039.9%
Mobile phone-targeted bulletin board4415.9%
Hatena Bookmarks or other social bookmark site4014.5%
Dating site bulletin board248.7%

Q1SQ2: Which large-scale bulletin board sites have you viewed? (Sample size=181)

2 channel17797.8%
Machi BBS4223.2%
PINK Channel179.4%
Futaba Channel73.9%
Ayashii World42.2%
Don’t know, can’t remmeber84.4%
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