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Have you ever taken part in volunteer activities? graph of japanese opiniongoo Research, in conjunction with the Yomiurin Shimbun, published the results of a survey conducted into youth and volunteering and pets. This is the second time there’s been a strange combining of topics by goo Research; last time it was love and comedy.


Between the 24th and 26th of April 2007 550 members of goo Research’s online monitor panel completed a private questionnaire. There was an exactly 50:50 split between the sexes, and 35% of the respondents were students, 31% in full time employment, and 11% fulltime homemakers. The occupation (or lack thereof) of the remaining 23% was not reported.

Looking at the results, it is nice to see that a majority have some degree of interest in volunteer activities, with a large minority willing to take part in them. Through the union at work I occasionally see calls for volunteers for river bank clearing, etc and whilst I have an interest in that, I really do not want to do anything for the union as they do very little for me. Last year in fact they tried to get me to volunteer (there is an almost-obligatory volunteering system) to take part in a campaign to get people to vote.

Research results

Q1: Are you interested in volunteer activities? (Sample size=550)

Very interested12%9%14%
Somewhat interested42%39%48%
Not very interested34%37%30%
Not interested at all11%14%9%
Don’t know2%1%2%

Q2: Have you ever taken part in volunteer activities? (Sample size=550)

Don’t know8%15%6%4%

Q3: Do you want to take part in volunteer activities in the future? (Sample size=550)

Want to (to SQ)43%
Don’t want to17%
Don’t know41%

Q3SQ: What kind of volunteer activities might you like to take part in? (Sample size=234, multiple answer)

Environment beautification (litter collection, etc)61%
Natural environment protection46%
Medical, nursing, caring services38%
International cooperation, exchange31%
Child-rearing support, child care31%
Town development30%
Culture, arts27%
Local safety, crime prevention19%
Don’t know2%

Q4: In high schools, etc, there are moves to make volunteer activities compulsory. What do you think about this? (Sample size=550)

It’s natural that they are compulsory15%
It’s strange to make it required73%
Don’t know12%

Now, we move from volunteers to pets, for some reason…

Q4: Do you or your family currently have a pet? (Sample size=550)

Tropical, goldfish, koi carp or other fish12%
Bulldog, Corgi, Shiba-ken, or other medium-sized dog11%
Amercian Short Hair, Russian Blue or other cat8%
Minature Dashhound, Chiuhaha, Papilion or other small dog8%
Hamster, ferret, rabbit or other small animal5%
Budgie, parrot or other bird4%
Turtle, iguana, snake or other reptile3%
Golden Labrador, Doberman, Akita-ken or other big dog2%
Beetle, or other insect1%
Don’t have a pet60%
Don’t know0%

The following supplemental question was put to the 40% who said they or their family kept a pet.

Q4SQ: Why do you keep a pet? (Sample size=221, multiple answer)

Because it’s cute63%
Because it’s healing65%
Because I like animals49%
Because my family likes animals46%
Because it lessens a sense of loneliness18%
Because it was a stray, was given it15%
Because it can improve family life13%
Because it can relieve stress12%
To enrich children’s life10%
Because it protects against crime7%
Because it is more fun than humans5%
Because it makes me appear great1%
Don’t know1%

Q5: How do you see the relationship between pets and their owners? (Sample size=550)

They are part of the family, love pet like a child56%50%62%
Only a pet, just there to please me27%33%21%
Don’t know14%14%14%
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