What Japanese do when alone in lifts (elevators)


Here’s a fun little ranking survey from DIMSDRIVE Research: as part of their 117th Ranking Survey they asked members of their monitor group what they did when by themselves in a lift (or elevator).


Between the 9th and 17th of May 2007 7,735 members of their monitor group completed a private internet-based questionnaire. 44.3% of the sample was male.

I can guess what you’re thinking is one of the things the Japanese do, and yes, they do admit to doing that! The women are not as frequent as the men, despite a suspicion I had that perhaps they saved them up from when they were at home.

Ranking results

Q: When you are the only person riding in a lift, what can you just not help doing? (Sample size=7,735, free answer)

1Preening myself1,586
2Staring at the floor indicator286
3Singing or humming209
5Searching for the security camera159
6Passing gas138
7=Picking my nose106
7=Looking up106
9Talking to the wall84
10Pressing the buttons a lot79

Q: When you are the only person riding in a lift, what can you just not help doing? (Sample size=7,735, by sex, free answer)

1Preening myself3411Preening myself1245
2Staring at the floor indicator1362Staring at the floor indicator150
3Singing or humming1053Stretching116
4Passing gas1034Singing or humming104
5Picking my nose685Searching for the security camera95
6Searching for the security camera646Talking to the wall49
7Looking up607Looking up46
9Talking to myself459Pressing the close button38
10Pressing the buttons a lot4410=Picking my nose38
   10=Exercising my face38

I’m not sure what the difference between talking to the wall and to oneself is!

Other interesting activities that featured in the list were jumping, popular with both young men and grannies, and searching for the maker, popular with women in their fifties.

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