Are you interested in studying English in Second Life? graph of japanese recently published the results of a survey conducted by goo Research into studying English conversation. The column they published, however, concentrates on the computer-related aspects of learning.


1,079 members of goo Research’s online monitor group completed a private internet-based questionnaire. 24.1% were in their twenties, 22.7% in their thirties, 21.8% in their forties, 20.8% in their fifties, and 10.6% in their sixties. 51.8% of the sample was male.

Last month I presented another survey concerning Second Life (hey, that headline’s wrong – a majority don’t want to try!) that showed that almost half the sample wanted to try out Second Life; add the results here to the previous survey and we see that over three in five potential Second Lifers may be on the lookout for English lessons!

The article also mentions offering Second Life English lessons, so if you fancy getting involved as a tutor through Skype on your PC, feel free to have a look at what they offer, as there does seem to be a significant number of Japanese looking for on-line English.

Research results

Q1: Have you ever studied English conversation? (Sample size=1,079)

Have done so 32.7%
Currently doing so 3.2%
Not done so (to SQ) 64.1%

Q1SQ: Are you interested in studying English conversation using Skype, PCs, web cameras, etc? (Sample size=692)

Yes 28.0%
No 72.0%

Q2: Are you interested in studying English conversation in the Second Life virtual world? (Sample size=1,079)

Yes 30.0%
No 70.0%


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