Clothes shopping by mobile internet surprisingly popular


How often do you visit mobile internet shopping sites? graph of japanese opinionOver one week at the start of March, infoPLANT conducted a survey by means of a public questionnaire available throughNTT DoCoMo’s iMode menuing system on the subject of online shopping habits. Note that since this is a self-selecting survey, attracting perhaps heavy mobile phone users, there might be some bias towards higher levels of shopping than in the average phone-owning population.


6,398 people, 66.1% of them female, successfully completed the survey. 3.1% were in their teens, 33.0% in their twenties, 43.1% in their thirties, 17.7% in their forties, and 3.2% aged fifty or older.

I personally have never bought anything through a mobile phone web site as I restrict all my purchasing activity to a full-size computer, and I’m really surprised to see clothes doing so well, but in part that might be due to people choosing clothes through a paper catalogue then completing the order by mobile phone.

Research results

Q1: About how often do you visit online shopping sites with your mobile phone? (Sample size=6,398)

Almost every day15.1%12.3%16.5%
Four or five days a week6.2%5.1%6.7%
Two or three days a week14.8%12.5%16.0%
About one day a week13.5%13.1%13.7%
Two or three days a month12.6%10.7%13.6%
About one day a month8.3%8.9%8.0%
One day every two or three months5.1%4.5%5.4%
Less than that7.9%10.4%6.6%
Don’t visit online shopping sites16.6%22.6%13.5%

In summary, over two in five men and over half of the women visit shopping sites at least once per week. Excluding the over 50 age group, this regularity increased by age for both sexes. Indeed, over 23% of those over 40 visited such shopping sites daily.

Q2: Have you ever bought anything from an online shopping sites through your mobile phone? (Sample size=5,339)

Yes, and want to buy again (to Q3A)69.9%62.4%73.3%
Yes, but don’t want to buy again (to Q3A)4.8%4.3%5.1%
No, but want to buy (to Q3B)17.9%23.1%15.5%
No, and don’t want to buy7.4%10.2%6.1%

Q3A: What did you buy from an online shopping sites through your mobile phone? (Sample size=3,989, multiple answer)

Clothes, fashion items53.2%36.9%59.5%
CD, DVD, video34.6%46.0%30.1%
Food, drink34.6%31.1%36.0%
Books, magazines30.6%36.8%28.2%
Movie, concert, etc tickets16.8%15.6%17.3%
Travel tickets, hotel rooms, etc15.3%15.8%15.1%
Game software10.0%15.3%7.9%

Q3B: What did you buy from an online shopping sites through your mobile phone (or what would you like to buy)? (Sample size=1,164, multiple answer)

CD, DVD, video37.2%49.5%28.7%
Movie, concert, etc tickets36.8%33.7%38.9%
Travel tickets, hotel rooms, etc35.4%32.6%37.3%
Clothes, fashion items32.9%22.9%39.8%
Books, magazines32.7%37.3%29.6%
Food, drink23.0%21.1%24.4%
Game software14.6%23.2%8.7%

Q4: In the last year, about how much have you spend on online shopping sites through your mobile phone? (Sample size=3,989)

Up to 3,000 yen7.3%7.1%7.3%
Up to 5,000 yen11.2%12.2%10.8%
Up to 10,000 yen20.9%22.7%20.2%
Up to 20,000 yen19.6%18.4%20.1%
Up to 30,000 yen11.7%10.0%12.3%
Up to 40,000 yen4.2%3.8%4.4%
Up to 50,000 yen5.7%4.7%6.1%
Over 50,000 yen13.4%15.2%12.7%
Didn’t buy anything in last year6.0%5.9%6.0%
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