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About how often do you stay at posh hotel chains? graph of japanese opinionOver five days at the start of March MyVoice surveyed their online community on the subject of staying at domestic high-class hotels chains. The survey uses the term “city hotels”, but what they refer to are three star or more posh hotel chains located usually in city centres or around airports targetted mainly at the higher-end business traveller, but also doing packages for leisure breaks for ordinary travellers, featuring facilities such as restaurants, swimming poll, shopping, fitness centre, etc.


15,526 members of their online community successfully completed the survey; 54% were female, 2% in their teens, 19% in their twenties, 39% in their thirties, 26% in their forties, and 14% in their fifties.

Personally, I’ve stayed at about 7 of the chains mentioned, all of them for leisure, and never paid more than 15,000 yen per person including breakfast. It would have been interesting to see the survey split between leisure and business travellers, though. The ones I can recommend in the Kansai region are the Hyatt Regency Osaka Bayside for the overall quality (make sure you apply for a member’s card before you stay to get a free drink), the Hilton Umeda for the room decor (modern wa), Westin Awaji for a nice break in the countryside, and the Kansai International Airport Nikko for a high-quality buffet dinner and breakfast before you fly. I’m waiting for a cheap offer (under 25,000 yen per room is the target) for the Teikoku Hotel and the Ritz-Carlton. The only one I wouldn’t recommend would be the Zennikku/ANA Hotel in Kanazawa – nice free coffee and cake package, but small, dark rooms desperately in need of renovation, which admittedly they may have done since I stayed there about four years ago.

Oh, and do other people’s Japanese other halves clean out everything that’s not nailed down (well, the freebies at least) from every hotel you stay at? Anyone want to bid on three bars of Hilton soap on eBay?

Research Results

Q1: About how often do you stay at posh hotel chains within Japan? (Sample size=15,526)

Once a month or more1.8%
Once every two or three months4.7%
Once every six months9.1%
Once a year13.1%
Once every two or three years12.4%
Less than that33.7%
Never stayed in a city hotel24.4%

Q2: Which of the following posh hotel chains in Japan do you know? (Sample size=15,526, multiple answer)

Hotel Okura89.0%
Hotel New Otani88.7%
Zennikku (ANA) Hotel85.0%
Prince Hotel84.9%
Teikoku (Imperial) Hotel83.7%
Tokyu Hotel80.5%
Hotel Nikko80.0%
Sheraton Hotel73.6%
Righa Royal Hotel61.8%
Intercontinental Hotel57.3%
Four Seasons Hotel52.9%
The Ritz Carlton51.5%
Grand Hyatt50.9%
Westin Hotel49.5%
Hyatt Regency48.9%
Park Hyatt48.2%
Royal Park Hotel44.3%
Marriot Hotel34.3%
Mandalay Oriental Hotel31.4%
None of them2.9%
No answer0.2%

Q3: Which of the following posh hotel chains in Japan have you stayed at? (Sample size=15,526, multiple answer)

Prince Hotel28.8%
Tokyu Hotel24.0%
Zennikku (ANA) Hotel23.6%
Hotel Nikko19.9%
Sheraton Hotel16.5%
Hotel New Otani12.6%
Hotel Okura11.1%
Righa Royal Hotel10.6%
Intercontinental Hotel8.9%
Hyatt Regency7.4%
Westin Hotel7.3%
Teikoku (Imperial) Hotel7.0%
Royal Park Hotel4.4%
Four Seasons Hotel4.2%
Grand Hyatt3.7%
The Ritz Carlton3.7%
Park Hyatt3.6%
Marriot Hotel3.6%
Mandalay Oriental Hotel1.5%
None of them37.8%
No answer0.2%

Q4: Which of the following posh hotel chains in Japan is your favourite? (Sample size=those who have stayed at one of the chains in Q3)

Sheraton Hotel7.4%
Zennikku (ANA) Hotel6.7%
Prince Hotel6.1%
Hotel Nikko5.3%
Intercontinental Hotel4.7%
Westin Hotel3.7%
Righa Royal Hotel3.6%
Hotel Okura3.6%
Teikoku (Imperial) Hotel3.6%
Tokyu Hotel3.4%
Hotel New Otani3.2%
Hyatt Regency2.6%
Four Seasons Hotel2.5%
The Ritz Carlton2.2%
Royal Park Hotel1.6%
Park Hyatt1.4%
Marriot Hotel1.2%
Grand Hyatt1.0%
Mandalay Oriental Hotel0.4%
None of them27.5%
No answer0.4%

Q5: About how much would/did you pay per person to stay at your favourite posh hotel chain in Japan? (Sample size=all bar the “none of them” from Q4)

Up to 15,000 yen9.7%
15,000 to 30,000 yen25.5%
30,000 yen to 50,000 yen23.1%
50,000 to 70,000 yen11.6%
70,000 to 100,000 yen5.0%
100,000 to 150,000 yen2.2%
150,000 to 200,000 yen0.6%
Over 200,000 yen0.8%
Can’t remember18.5%
No answer3.0%

Q6: Why did you choose to stay at the posh hotel chain you selected in Q4? (Sample size=all bar the “none of them” from Q4, multiple answer)

Hotel atmosphere30.8%
Room size21.3%
Room fitments, decoration21.2%
View from window18.8%
Brand image16.6%
Restaurant meals15.0%
Staff courtesy14.0%
Hotel fitments13.6%
Rich selection of room amenities (soap, shampoo, etc)10.1%
Companion selected it8.9%
Someone other than myself or companion selected it7.6%
Special member services4.9%
Nothing in particular3.7%
No answer3.1%
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