How the Japanese want the world to be 10 years hence


Following on from Sunday’s survey on people’s hopes and ambitions for ten years hence, this time goo Ranking looked at what expectations people had for society at large in ten years time. As usual, no demographics, bar the fact that the survey was conducted between the 22nd and 24th of February.

This set of results has the cure for cancer that I was disappointed not to see in the previous survey, but I suppose it could be classed more as a discovery than as an invention? I note, however, that resolution of North Korean issues, be it kidnapping or just general problems stemming from having a loony at the helm, does not feature in the list. I wonder if people expect it to be resolved much quicker than the 10 years asked about here?

Ranking results

Q: What are you most hoping for regarding society at large in ten years time?

1Global warming averted100
2A world without war98.5
3Medical advances (cancer-defeating medicines, etc)91.1
4Decent pensions for old folk83.0
5Elimination of bullying and discrimination81.5
6Barrier-free environment for disabled and old folk67.3
7Higher moral conduct by politicians and public servants63.7
8Society that doesn’t resist child-birth62.8
9Society without a rich-poor divide62.7
10A law-abiding, crime-free, safe and secure world56.5
11Earthquake predication54.8
12Better moral standards and factual information from television and newspapers,54.8
13A society where Japanese hold the “wa” dear in their hearts49.1
14Ubiquitous internet36.0
15Resolution of Japan’s territorial problems32.7
16Voting for Prime Minister30.0
17Privatisation of public facilities including NHK25.7
18Ubiquitous electronic cash17.5
19Maintenance of current levels of freedom of speech17.5
20Japan becoming a permanent member of the UN Security Council17.3
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