Your biggest worry about tuna quota cuts graphgoo Research recently published the results of some research conducted in cooperation with Yomiuri Shimbun into fish and shellfish, conducted amongst their online monitor group between the 16th and 18th of the February.


1,091 successfully completed the questionnaire. 50.3% were male, 21.8% in their twenties, 18.4% in their thirties, 21.6% in their forties, 17.5% in their fifties, and 20.6% aged sixty or older.

Note that in Q7 just 1% eat fish or shellfish less than once a month, which suggests that vegetarianism still has a long, long way to go in Japan! In addition, I wouldn’t be surprised if a significant part of that 1% included people who eat meat instead.

You may be interested in cross-referencing this with another recent survey on tuna habits and quota cut awareness.

Survey results

Q1: Do you like fish and shellfish? (Sample size=1,091)

Yes 84%
It’s OK 4%
No 12%

Q2: Which of the following fish or shellfish do you like? (Sample size=1,091, multiple answer)

Tuna 49%
Aji (horse mackerel) 45%
Lobster 43%
Salmon 40%
Eel 36%
Sanma (Pacific saury) 35%
Squid 32%
Buri (yellowtail) 30%
Saba (mackerel) 28%
Katsuo (bonito) 21%
Tai (Pacific sea bream) 20%
Hirame (flatfish) 17%
Karei (turbot) 14%
Iwashi (sardine) 14%
Octopus 13%
Fugu (puffer fish) 12%
Ayu (freshwater trout) 12%
Shishamo 9%
Sawara (Spanish mackerel) 7%
Tara (cod) 6%
Other 4%

Q3: Do you know about the cuts in tuna quotas? (Sample size=1,091)

Yes 93%
No 7%

Q4: Do you think the tuna quota cuts will have an effect on your eating habits? (Sample size=1,091)

Yes 12%
Just a little 45%
Can’t say either way 18%
Not really 18%
Not at all 8%

Q5: What are you most concerned about regarding the tuna quota cuts? (Sample size=1,091)

Price rises 60%
Less chance to eat it 12%
The effects on other fish stocks 8%
The fishing industry being hurt by the cuts 7%
Problems at sushi restaurants and other shops 5%
No particular worries 8%

Q6: The price of tuna has been increasing recently. What effect will this have on the frequency or amount of tuna or tuna products that you buy? (Sample size=1,091)

Decrease amount or frequency 16%
Slightly decrease 43%
Not change 41%
Slightly increase 0%
Increase 0%

Q7: How frequently do you eat fish or shellfish products? (Sample size=1,091)

Almost every day 10%
Five or six days a week 10%
Three or four days a week 41%
One or two days a week 31%
One day a fortnight 6%
One day every three weeks 1%
Almost never 1%
Not at all 0%

Q8: Recently, how has your frequency or amount of fish or shellfish eaten changed? (Sample size=1,091)

Considerably increased 6%
Little increased 30%
Not changed 52%
Little decreased 9%
Considerably decreased 3%

Q9: What are the main reasons that you eat fish or shellfish? (Sample size=1,091, up to three answers)

Tasty 82%
Rich in protein 61%
Low calorie 29%
Can obtain locally 27%
Easy to prepare 14%
Cheap 12%
Don’t like meat 1%
Other 4%

Q10: Which are the main components (vitamins, etc) contained within fish and shellfish that you are interested in? (Sample size=1,091, up to three answers)

DHA 67%
EPA 50%
Calcium 39%
Alginic acid 28%
Taurin 20%
Fucoidan 5%
None in particular 17%

Note that fucoidan seems to be found almost exclusively in seaweed rather than fish or shellfish.


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