How many times have you been to the cinema in the last six months? graph of japanese opinionMyVoice published the results of a survey conducted over five days at the start of February into going to the movies.


13,171 members of their monitor group successfully completed the survey; 54% were female, 2% in their teens, 20% in their twenties, 39% in their thirties, 26% in their forties, and 13% in their fifties.

Recently I’ve been to the cinema rather a lot; perhaps I’d be in the eleven to fifteen times? I think about twice a month sounds about right. As for the films I’d recommend, last weekend’s Perfume: The Story of a Murderer was a very enjoyable but rather dark murder-mystery; Pirates of the Carribean, if just for Johnny Depp’s frequent buggering (as it were); and Cars, because I love Pixar! I wanted to ask for my money back after The Da Vinci Code.

Survey results

Q1: In the last six months, how many times have you watched a movie at a cinema? (Sample size=13,171)

Sixteen or more times 1.0%
Eleven to fifteen times 0.8%
Nine or ten times 1.0%
Seven or eight times 1.5%
Five or six times 4.4%
Three or four times 11.1%
Twice 12.8%
Once 18.1%
No times 48.6%
Don’t know 0.7%

Q2: When you go to watch a movie at the cinema, who do you often go with? (Sample size=13,171, multiple answer)

With spouse 35.0%
By myself 23.6%
With same-sex friends 22.2%
With children 19.3%
With girlfriend or boyfriend 10.5%
With opposite-sex friends 7.3%
With parents 5.4%
With brothers or sisters 3.9%
Don’t know 1.1%
Other people 0.4%
Never watched a film at a cinema 17.5%
No answer 0.4%

Q3: From where do you usually get your information about movies you want to go see? (Sample size=13,171, multiple answer)

Film was talked about on a television program 65.2%
Saw advertisement on television 38.7%
Viewed internet information on PC 30.7%
Saw trailer, etc, at cinema 26.5%
Friends talked about it 22.9%
Film was talked about in magazine column 22.6%
Film was talked about in newspaper column 12.8%
Saw advertisement or poster at station or on street 10.5%
Advertisement in newspaper 8.8%
Advertisement in magazine 8.4%
Advertisement in train carriage, in taxi, etc 5.5%
Film was talked about on radio program 3.9%
Viewed internet information on mobile phone 1.5%
Advertisement on radio 1.1%
Other 3.5%
Don’t know 6.1%
No answer 0.3%

Q4: What points are inportant when deciding to go to see a movie at the cinema? (Sample size=13,171, multiple answer)

Story, title 51.2%
Talked-about movie 47.5%
Genre 42.1%
Stars 38.1%
New movie 23.3%
Liked series 20.7%
Friends talking about it 14.7%
Director or other staff 11.2%
Author of original story 11.2%
Film company 5.3%
Famous movie 4.9%
Award-winning movie 4.1%
Music 3.8%
High-quality sound or special effects 2.7%
Country or region of origin 2.2%
Remake of famous movie 0.7%
Other qualities 2.0%
Don’t know 8.2%
No answer 0.3%

Q5: Of the following films, which of the following upcoming movies would you like to go to see at the cinema? (Sample size=13,171, multiple answer)

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix 23.2%
Pirates of the Carribean 3 23.2%
Die Hard 4.0 15.3%
Spiderman 3 15.3%
Babel 12.6%
Unfair the Movie 10.5%
Tokyo Tower 8.7%
Mushishi 7.2%
Rocky the Final 6.2%
The Blue Wolf 5.8%
Shrek 3 5.2%
Gegege no Kitarou 3.9%
Battery 3.2%
Night Museum 3.1%
Blood Diamonds 2.7%
Transformers 2.3%
Happy Feet 1.6%
Bizan 1.4%
Don’t want to watch any of them 22.1%
Don’t know 12.4%
No answer 0.6%

Q6: What recent film would you recommend? (Sample size=13,171, multiple answer)

Rank All Votes Male
Votes Female
1 Letters from Iwojima 267 Letters from Iwojima 131 Letters from Iwojima 136
2 Bushi no Ichibun 182 Bushi no Ichibun 68 Death Note 121
3 Death Note 176 Death Note 55 Pirates of the Carribean 121
4 Pirates of the Carribean 168 007 Casion Royale 51 Bushi no Ichibun 114
5 Dororo 110 Dororo 49 Marie Antoinette 74
6 007 Casino Royale 89 Pirates of the Carribean 47 The Devil Wears Prada 62
7 Marie Antoinette 85 I Just Didn’t Do It 34 Dororo 61
8 Hula Girls 73 Da Vinci Code 31 Oh! Oku 49
9 The Devil Wears Prada 70 Limit of Love: Umizaru 27 Hula Girls 48
10 I Just Didn’t Do It 67 Hula Girls 25 The Pursuit of Happyness 39


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