Do you get spam sent to your mobile phone? graph of japanese recently reported on a survey conducted by JR Tokai Express Research on the subject of mobile phones and spam. Over three days at the start of February 330 peope from their monitor group successfully completed a private internet-based questionnaire. The sample was 51.8% feamle, with 26.7% in their twenties, 40.6% in their thirties, 25.2% in their forties, 5.5% in their fifties, and 2.1% in their sixties.

I’ve been spam-free on my phone, perhaps because I only sign up with reputable firms. However, my wife has used YNot electronic greeting cards just recently, and has been plagued with a flood of spam from Rakuten partners. As I mentioned in another post when talking about Rakuten, they really are bad for sending spam and making it painful to unsubscribe. However, I think this time I have managed to unsubscribe from everything…

First, from the sample of 330, 315 people, or 95.5% used mobile phones.

Q1: Do you get spam sent to your mobile phone? (Sample size=315)

Never 20.0%
Had them before, but not now 54.9%
One to three per month 6.0%
One to three per week 2.5%
About one per day 2.5%
A few per day 9.2%
More than 10 per day 4.4%
Don’t know 0.3%

From the above group, 116 said they have taken countermeasures against spam. Note that 111, or 95.7%, lengthened their email address in order to foil dictionary attacks, etc. In addition, 32.7% of the spam receivers have done nothing in particular to try to stop it.

Q2: What services do you use as countermeasures against spam? (Sample size=116, multiple answer)

  Votes Percentage
Used UCE (Unsolicited Commercial email) blocking service 56 48.3%
Set domain or address whitelist 41 35.3%
Set domain or address blacklist 40 34.5%
Blocked mail with fake sender 36 31.0%
Blocked all internet mail 11 9.5%
Don’t really know what I did 8 6.9%
Other 0 0.0%

Q3: How long is your mobile phone email address? (Sample size=315)

Up to five characters 2.5%
6 to 10 characters 34.6%
11 to 15 characters 35.9%
16 to 20 characters 17.1%
21 to 25 characters 6.3%
26 or more characters 2.5%
Don’t know 1.0%


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