Just in case you’d thought I’d forgotton about it, here are the posts for the inaugural Japan Blog Matsuri, on the theme of matsuri, or festivals.

First up is James at Japan Probe, who, sort-of getting into my recent theme of organ transplants, submitted Videos of the Hounen Matsuri: An amazing fertility festival, which as you might suspect from the title, features none-too-work-safe videos of a massive willie. If you’re impressed, you still have time to get to this year’s event on the 15th of March in Komaki, Aichi (north of Nagoya).

Next is John from Fried Chicken Arcade, who covers the Dontosai Matsuri at Osaki Hachiman Shrine in Sendai, where people burn their New Year decorations for good fortune in the coming year.

Err, that’s it. However, I’ve spotted a few matsuri posts myself that I’ll highlight so as to flesh out the post further.

Samurai Dave does a photo-essay on Setsubun. Setsubun was actually the first festival I attended, and now I come to think of, perhaps the only one I’ve gone out of my way to attend! He also does the above-mentioned Hounen Matsuri just in case you can’t get enough of huge wooden todgers!

Lee at Tokyo Times mentions the Saikyoji Temple in Nagasaki Prefecture’s annual baby-crying sumo.

Okinawa Times talked about their Cherry Blossom festival, already blooming in the sub-tropical islands.

Lou in Japan covers the Sapporo Snow Festival, complete with picture set – catch it soon before everything melts!

Just qualifying as a matsuri, Wireless World Japan held their own mobilist matsuri, the 61st edition of the regular Carnival of the mobilists.

Thanks to both of you for contributing, and hello to the other people I’ve linked to who are visiting to see what’s going on! The next Japan Blog Matsuri will be around the theme of “Japanese gadgets” (thanks to James for the suggestion) – contributions on the Hello Kitty “massager” and that USB dog will be ignored! For March and future Japan Blog Matsuri after that, I’m looking for volunteers to host – it’s a good way to get new readers and to give something back to the Japan blogosphere. Note that hosts are free to choose their own themes.

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