About how often do you eat rice? graph of japanese opinionOver five days at the start of January, MyVoice looked at that Japanese staple, rice. 10,245 members of their online monitor community successfully completed the survey. 54% were female, 2% in their teens, 18% in their twenties, 40% in their thirties, 26% in their forties, and 14% in their fifties.

My translation for Q3 is not very good, I fear, but I hope you get the general picture! I eat rice almost every day, and at home we use a mix of half white and half brown rice.

I was surprised in Q4 that 3.3% said they like their rice with soy sauce, as not doing it is one of the first points of etiquette drilled into foreigners, so please feel free to print out this survey to justify your bad manners next time you do so in polite company!

Follow this link for more information on Japanese rice cookers.

Q1: What is your favourite staple food? (Sample size=10,245)

Rice 75.3%
Bread 9.1%
Pasta 4.9%
Ramen 4.4%
Udon 2.7%
Soba 1.5%
Cereal 0.2%
Other 0.1%
Not particularly keen on any of the above 1.7%

Q2: About how often do you eat rice? (Sample size=10,245)

Three or more times a day 12.4%
Once or twice a day 69.7%
Five or six times a week 12.5%
Two to four times a week 4.4%
Once a week 0.6%
Less than that 0.3%
Don’t eat rice 0.2%

Q3: What are you particular about regarding preparing or eating rice? (Sample size=10,245, multiple answer)

Must be Japanese rice 55.6%
Wash first, then boil 35.2%
Cook white rice 32.3%
Fussy about area of origin 16.6%
Reheating cooled rice 14.9%
Fussy about brand 12.5%
Mix in various grains 12.1%
Eat brown rice 11.9%
Cook unpolished and unwashed rice 9.2%
Boil in mineral water 6.8%
Cook mixed with barley 6.8%
Use “retort” (freeze-dried?) rice 3.1%
Boil in a stone pot 2.4%
Boil with a lump of charcoal 2.2%
Buy pre-cooked packs 2.0%
Other 3.6%
None of the above 13.9%
No answer 0.2%

Q4: What do you put on top of your rice when you eat it? (Sample size=10,245, multiple answer)

Natto 57.2%
“Furikake” dried fish and seaweed 48.7%
Egg 41.2%
Seaweed 39.7%
Dried plum 32.4%
Salmon flakes 26.6%
Seaweed boiled in soy sauce 22.6%
Fish boiled in soy sauce 19.4%
Nametake mushrooms 15.9%
Sesame salt 10.1%
Salt 3.4%
Miso 3.3%
Soy sauce 3.3%
Mayonnaise 1.9%
Butter, margarine 1.8%
Sauce 0.3%
Ketchup 0.3%
Milk 0.2%
Other 5.9%
Nothing in particular 16.8%
No answer 0.2%

Q5: What sort of rice bowl dishes do you like? (Sample size=10,245, multiple answer)

Katsudon (breaded pork) 57.8%
Gyuudon (beef) 50.4%
Oyakodon (egg) 49.7%
Tendon (battered shrimps, etc) 47.1%
Kaisendon (fresh fish) 36.2%
Chuukadon (Chinese-style) 36.2%
Butadon (pork) 27.2%
Other 6.8%
Don’t like any 3.8%
No answer 0.4%

Q6: What sort of image does rice have? (Sample size=10,245, multiple answer)

Tasty 75.8%
Never get bored of it 59.6%
Japanese-like 57.5%
Healthy 51.8%
Can’t live without it 49.8%
Warming 40.3%
Source of energy 39.2%
Powerful 20.5%
Taste of home 16.7%
Laid-back 12.0%
High calorie 3.7%
Mediocre 3.1%
Conservative 2.9%
Suits the times 2.6%
International 2.3%
Unbalanced nutrition 2.2%
Good sense 2.1%
Simple 1.7%
Elegant 1.7%
Out of date 0.6%
Naff 0.1%
None of the above 1.8%
No answer 0.1%


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