A couple of weeks ago japan.internet.com published the results of goo Research’s 29th monthly survey into mobile phone upgrade needs. Over three days at the start of January exactly 1,000 members of their monitor panel (presumably all mobile phone owners) successfully completed a private internet-based survey. 53.0% of the sample was female, 2.1% in their teens, 19.7% in their twenties, 39.0% in their thirties, 25.1% in their forties, and 14.1% aged fifty or older.

Just yesterday, my wife upgraded her phone – what sold the Panasonic P703i to her even more than the pink colouring (actually, she bought the wavey blue one) was the inclusion of Lisa and Gaspard icon sets.

In the sample, 52.7% were NTT DoCoMo customers, 28.9% with au (KDDI), 14.8% with Softbank, and 3.6% with WillCom. In addition, just 19 people had already taken advantage of number portability and changed service providers since the introduction just over two months ago.

Q1: Do you plan to take advantage of number portability and change your mobile phone service provider? (Sample size=964)

Yes 3.1%
No set plan, but could depending on the situation 37.0%
Not considered changing 59.9%

Q2: What mobile phone manufacturer’s handset are you most keen on currently? (Sample size=1,000)

Sharp 236
Panasonic 77
NEC 74
Sony-Ericsson 69
Toshiba 34
Kyocera 30
Motorola 28
Mitsubishi 25
Casio 19
Nokia 14
Sanyo 12
Fujitsu 10
Hitachi 9
Samsung 6
Pantech 0
Other 2
None in particular 354

Q3: When upgrading your mobile, what are the features that are important to you. (Sample size=1,000, multiple answer)

Memory card 342
Music playback 199
One Seg (terrestrial digital TV) 195
Infrared 176
FeliCa (Osaifu Keitai, electronic cash) 152
Water-resistance, shock-resistance 109
GPS 99
Full browser 69
Bluetooth 52
AM Radio 39
Wireless LAN 34
Document viewer (Excel, etc) 32
Digital radio 23
Changeable faceplate 19
Analogue television 18
Electronic compass 17
Other 23
Nothing in particular 331

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