Impossible: Santa Claus, baths with parents, and skimpy clothes in winter


goo Rankings published another one of their silly yet slightly unsettling polls recently, when they looked at what things are impossible to do now that they are an adult. The original Japanese version is phrased to have a suggestion of regret, I feel. The survey was conducted between the 18th and 20th of December last year.

I can’t really imagine the thought processes that are required to make hopping in the bath with their parents the second most notable thing that adults cannot do.

Q: What did you do as a child, but just can’t do any more?

1Believe in Santa Claus100
2Get in the bath with parents97.3
3Wear thin clothing in winter94.6
4Eat the fruit or nectar of plants by the roadside84.6
5Handle insects77.6
6Hold hands with parents76.5
7Play under the blazing sun75.3
8Have a cute hairstyle (pony tail, braids, pudding bowl, etc)75.3
950 metre dash71.3
10Do a backward roll on a bar65.4
11Remember things61.3
12Remember numeric date mnemonics57.7
13Play in water or mud53.2
14Have a real ding-dong argument46.6
15Dream of being a hero or heroine45.5
16Pester or cajole42.8
18Cry in front of people38.5
19Express things freely (eg, at play)37.6
20Calculations, mental arithmetic34.8
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