The Wikipedia nofollow brouhaha continues


Not that this has anything in particular to do with Japan, but since I wrote my Wikipedia NoFollow plugin for WordPress there’s been quite a bit of action.

First, Andy Beard was good enough to write it up and promote it around a few websites. In addition, he also pointed out I had a bug in my comment script, whcih I’ve hopefully now fixed.

Next, there’s a Drupal plugin written by greggles that does the same thing for that platform.

Paul Montgomery at Tinfinger makes a case for dropping Wikipedia from Google and Andy Beal at Marketing Pilgrim is whipping up support for cutting off Wikipedia. Google Blogoscoped describes how they prevent spam links and many others discuss the topic in many languages. Track the nofollow tag at for the latest news.

From this website’s perspective, looking at my top 10 search phrases there is just one that is in direct competition with Wikipedia, and if anything I stand to gain by the addition of rel=”nofollow” as the two above the Wikipedia entry, both linked from Wikipedia, seem to be more poorly linked to other sites, so I perhaps could very well stand to gain from them losing their Wikipedia links.

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