How often do you visit the 2 channel web site? graph of japanese opinionWith the recent kerfuffle in the news about the impending closure of 2 channel, or at least the threat of a forced seizure of the domain name, or perhaps just business as usual, reported on goo Research’s survey into what people thought about the rumoured closing down. Between the 19th and 21st of January they interviewed 1,059 people from their monitor group. 51.9% were male, 26.9% in their twenties, 25.1% in their thirties, 24.6% in their forties, and 23.4% in their fifties.

Note that a previous survey showed that 56% of a sample of mainly business professionals have visited there, so I would have through that there might have been a stronger showing of people with definite opinions about the news, especially considering that over three quarters of the total population have visited the site, and just 4% have not heard anything about it. Also note that as far as I can see, neither my blog nor my name appears on that site, but I’m not sure if that’s a good or a bad sign!

Q1: How often do you visit the 2 channel web site? (Sample size=1,059)

Frequently 16.0%
Sometimes 37.2%
Infrequently 24.8%
Never visited 17.9%
Don’t know what 2 channel is (to end) 4.1%

Q2: Do you know that there is a debate as to whether 2 channel will close? (Sample size=1,016)

Know about it (to SQ1) 71.7%
Don’t know about it 28.3%

Q2SQ1: How do you feel about the possibility of 2 channel closing? (Sample size=728)

Should close 13.5%
Don’t want it to close (to SQ2) 37.4%
Not bothered either way 49.2%

Q2SQ2: Why don’t you want it to close? (Sample size=272)

  Votes Percentage
A means for accumulating data will be lost 213 78.3%
Because it’s the origin of an overwhelming amount of information 149 54.8%
Interesting background information will not come out 144 52.9%
It’s part of the Japanese internet culture 127 46.7%
I’ll lose my space for wasting time 109 40.1%
Personal voices will not be heard 109 40.1%
Chances to interact with other internet users will disappear 24 8.8%
Other 13 4.8%

I’m not terribly confident about the translation or the meaning of the top phrase there: “情報収集の手段が失われるから”. Does this mean that it is seen as a free-form repository for information regarding various subjects, like an (even more) anarchic Wikipedia?


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