Paper beats electronic, for calendars at least


Which is useful, paper or PC calendar? graph of japanese recently published the results of a poll conducted by JR Tokai Express Research into the use of calendars, both computer desktop-based and paper ones. They interviewed 330 people employed in both the public and private sectors from their monitor panel in the middle of December, with 77.0% of the sample being male, 16.4% in their twenties, 49.1% in their thirties, 28.8% in their forties, 5.2% in their fifties, and 0.6% in their sixties.

I’m a big paper and pencil person myself, although I do occasionally download some calendar wallpaper for both my computer and my mobile phone from Frente Spiral.

Q1: Do you have a paper calendar situated close to your home computer? (Sample size=310)

Don’t use computer at home (to Q3)1.0%

I don’t know why the sample size here is 310, not 330. Perhaps the other 20 don’t even have a computer at home?

Q2: Do you have wallpaper with a calendar or a calendar application on your PC’s desktop? (Sample size=307)


Q3: Which do you think is useful, a paper calendar or a PC desktop calendar? (Sample size=330)

Don’t know1.2%
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