With Christmas almost upon us; indeed in Japan it has now passed, as X’mas (note the extra apostrophe there that Japan almost always uses) Eve is the main time for parties and the rest. With this in mind, goo Ranking published a survey a few days ago on what food people would most like to eat at a Christmas party. As usual, no demographics are available, but since it’s the holiday season, I hope you can forgive me for not having them!

For me, tonight’s X’mas Eve special dinner was pizza. Hope you had a fun time too!

Q: What would you want to eat at a Christmas party?

Rank Food Score
1 Fried chicken 100
2 Roast beef 79.2
3 Pizza 74.8
4 Fried potato 50.8
5 Sushi 48.8
6 Tandori Chicken 45.5
7 Cheese fondue 45.2
8 Salad 39.8
9 Sandwich 39.5
10 Pasta 38.3
11 Turkey 37.7
12 Canape 31.7
13 Soup 30.9
14 Spare ribs 30.6
15 Carpaccio 28.8
16 Paella 27.0
17 Meatloaf 25.0
18 Lasagne 24.2
19 Stew 23.0
20 Garlic toast 18.2


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