DS trouncing PSP, PS3 edging Wii: part 2 of 2


Which do want to own in the future? graph of japanese opinion[part 1] [part 2]

With the Christmas present season upon us and New Year sales soon to come, DIMSDRIVE Research took a timely look at ownership of portable games machine. Over a week in the middle of November 7,508 people from their monitor group successfully completed an internet-based questionnaire. 44.8% of the sample was male, 64.9% married, and 51.7% had children. By age, 1.1% were in their teens, 16.6% in their twenties, 37.1% in their thirties, 27.7% in their forties, 12.7% in their forties, and 4.8% aged sixty or older.

Talking of wireless, when I visited the Pokemon Centre in central Osaka recently there was an awful lot of people sitting around outside playing on their Nintendo DSes, presumably with whoever was around.

Note that the survey was conducted before the release of either the PS3 or the Wii, so for the last question, no-one already owns either of the machines.

Q7A: Which of the following features have you used on the Nintendo DS or DS Lite? (Sample size=2,197, DS and DS Lite owners, multiple answer)

Local wireless (to SQ)19.1%
Nintendo WiFi internet service (to SQ)10.1%
Download features10.1%
PictoChat (to SQ)8.8%
Web browser5.2%
None of the above67.3%

Q7B: Which of the following features have you used on the PSP? (Sample size=806, PSP owners, multiple answer)

Download features12.8%
Wireless (to SQ)12.3%
None of the above43.1%

Q7SQ: To whom did you connect with when using the wireless features? (Sample size=503 DS, DS Lite, 99 PSP, multiple answer)

 DS, DS Lite
Friends, lover56.9%67.7%
Whoever’s around5.4%11.1%
Work colleagues3.0%9.1%

Q8A: What are the good points of the Nintendo DS or DS Lite? (Sample size=2,197, multiple answer)

Fun software60.7%
Has touch panel56.9%
Wide range of software38.7%
Easy to use31.0%
Two screens28.0%
Pen interface26.6%
Good weight or size20.8%
Good hardware design or colour20.5%
Large or clear display19.6%
Cheap software16.1%
Can play with friendly people14.7%
Microphone feature13.6%
Wireless features12.2%
Internet connectivity8.9%
Good sound8.5%
Can communicate with both characters and talk7.4%
Hardware is cheap6.9%
Can play with people far away5.6%
Don’t know2.1%
None in particular5.2%

Some of the other reasons were ease of just picking up and playing, can share common topics with children, fast start-up, lots of people around with one, and software difficultly level is not too high.

Q8B: What are the good points of the PSP? (Sample size=806, multiple answer)

Large or clear display40.6%
Fun software33.7%
Can watch movies26.6%
Good hardware design or colour24.3%
Can listen to music24.3%
Wide range of software23.2%
Easy to use19.2%
Good sound18.7%
Internet connectivity15.0%
Good weight or size10.3%
Can view photographs10.3%
Wireless features9.8%
Can watch television7.8%
Cheap software7.1%
Can play with friendly people4.7%
Can use other features4.2%
Hardware is cheap3.3%
Can play with people far away1.6%
Don’t know4.8%
None in particular12.3%

Other reasons were that one could use an emulator, can listen to podcasts, high quality, can use memory stick, only one screen, and can play independent games.

Q9: Which of the following portable game machines do you think you want to own in the future? (Sample size=4,131, portable games machine non-owners, multiple answer)

DS Lite32.1%
Game Boy Micro1.9%
Other Game Boy1.6%
Don’t want a portable game machine42.7%

Q10: Which of the following two non-portable game machines do you think you want to own in the future? (Sample size=7,508)

Sony Playstation 320.3%
Nintendo Wii15.0%
Don’t know25.0%

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