UPDATE: I have now translated the results of the Kanji of the Year 2006 survey.

Continuing with the words of the year theme, I’ve had a couple of people searching for this, so I had a quick look up on the web, and I found this page (in Japanese, of course) that describes how to enter – the deadline is the 13th of December. Note that as there is a prize draw, and to prevent multiple entries, you need to register for an account before voting for your character for this year. My bets for this year are either 美, the kanji from 美しい, utsukushii, beautiful, from Prime Minister Abe’s catch-phrase, “Towards a beautiful Japan”, or æ ¼, kaku, which means status or character, and features in popular phrases such as 品格 and 格差, hinkaku and kakusa, dignity and disparity. As for my actual vote, I haven’t decided yet.

The results are announced sometime around the New Year at Kiyomizu Temple in Kyoto.

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