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A little while back goo Ranking published the results of a poll into the top 30 new internet words. Many of these neologisms are unlikely to ever find their way into a dictionary, other than perhaps one of the Wiki family, of course. As usual for goo Ranking, the top vote gets 100 points, and all the rest get a value representing the percentage of votes relative to the number one choice.

As you might suspect, many of these words were coined on 2 Channel.

As I no doubt have made many, many mistakes, please feel free to correct me!

Rank日本語English meaningScore
1キタ━━━(゜∀゜)━━━!!!!!, also ktkr, キタコレ, kitakore, etcI’m here!!!!100
2スレ, sureThread on a bulletin board76.1
3_| ̄|○, orz, OTL, etcFailure or despair – someone on their hands and knees59.5
4もうだめぽ, moudamepo“Looks like it’s all over” or something like that57.4
5ハァハァ, (´Д`;)ハアハアSeems to be related to dirty or nervous panting56.5
6キボンヌ, kibonnu, きぼーん, kibo-n, etcHope, from 希望, kibou56.1
7ガクガクブルブル, gakugakuburuburuTo be in fear54.7
8ググる, guguruTo google52.1
9自作自演, jisaku jienLiterally, “acting a charade”; in net lingo, “sock puppet”50.7
10wLaugh, from the first letter of warai, the Japanese for laugh50.6
11マンセー, manse-Korean for “banzai”, cheering44.0
12ワラタ, warata, ワロス, warosu, ワロタ, warotaLaughing, a corruption of warai, the Japanese for laugh42.1
13あぼーん, abo-nDeleting an account, apparently from the English “a bone”, somehow41.7
14香具師, yashiThat guy, a corruption of やつ, yatsu to やし, yashi, which in the IME can be represented in the kanji shown39.5
15ガチ, gachiPlaying for keeps, abbreviation of ガチンコ, gachinko39.4
16厨房, chuubouMiddle-school student, from the slang term 中坊 chuubou39.4
17亀レス, kame-resu 遅レス, oso-resuSlow thread, slow response within a thread38.8
18DQN, ドキュン, dokyun, ドキュソ, dokyusoFrom Mokugeki Dokyun, meaning something like “here comes trouble”, or just a general insult35.7
19○○祭り, matsuri, 炎上, enjouFlaming, flame war33.9
20神降臨, kamikourinPosting private or confidential information publically33.5
21リアル○○, real —Real something or other – don’t take the slang meaning of the word (I think)32.9
22毒男, dokuoSingle man, from 独身男性, dokushin dansei and alternative kanji32.6
23激しく同意, hageshiku doui, 禿同, hagedouStrongly agree (but perhaps there is another meaning?)32.5
24ツンデレ, tsundere, ツンツンデレデレ, tsuntsunderedereA woman aloof when alone, lovestruck when together (perhaps…)32.4
25ノシ, noshi (・ω・)ノシ, (´∀`)ノシI haven’t a clue!28.8
26腐女子, fujoshi, 貴腐人, kifujinWoman who likes male homo-erotic comics28.6
27あqwせdrftgyふじこlp;, ふじこ, fujikoNot very sure on this either!27.7
28ry, 以下略, ikaryaku, 略, ryakuTruncated from here onwards – often used jokingly25.3
29ぬるぽ, nurupo, ガッ, ga!Nonsense!25.0
30電波系, denpakei, デムパ, demupaTinfoil hat wearer, perhaps?24.5
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  1. tora said,
    June 20, 2010 @ 15:26

    noshi ノシ is a waving hand 🙂

  2. March 9, 2011 @ 17:40

    One note, it’s fujoshi, not bujoshi.

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