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Continuing on from cheese, we now move to that most wonderful of Japanese sweeties, Pocky. Apparently the 11th of November is Pocky and Pretz (a savoury version of Pocky) Day, presumably as 11 11 looks like four Pocky sticks. I can guess that Pretz is so-called as it is perhaps reminiscent of a pretzel, but why Pocky?

As usual, no demographics, just the relative votes from a survey conducted towards the end of October. I like most of the Pocky advertisements, so I was rather pleased to find someone doing their own YouTube version of one of the current commercials.

Q: What is your favourite Pocky flavour?

1Pocky Chocolate100
2Strawberry Bits Pocky66.6
3Strawberry Pocky56.1
4Men’s Pocky28.2
5Crushed Almonds Pocky25.9
6Bitter Mousse Pocky24.8
7Green Tea Mousse Pocky23.8
8Creamy Mousse Pocky22.7
9Creamy White Mousse Pocky17.0
10Giant Pocky10.7
11Black Sesame Pocky9.6
12Gokuboso (Extra-thin) Pocky8.8
13Crushed Cookie Crunch Pocky8.8
14Honey and Milk Pocky7.7
15Kinako (Soya bean flour) Pocky6.8
16Five Black Grain Pocky5.7
17Custard Fondue Mousse Pocky5.7
18Kyoho Grape and Mild Chocolate Decoration Pocky4.6
19Grape Pocky2.7
20Creamy Apple Custard Decoration Pocky2.7
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