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How often do you order delivery food? graph of japanese opinionMyVoice conducted a number of surveys of their internet community at the start of October, and one of these was on the subject of delivery food. 12,313 members successfully completed the questionnaire, with 54% of the respondents female, 2% in their teens, 21% in their twenties, 41% in their thirties, 24% in their forties, and 12% in their fifties.

One surprising omission from Q2 is that great Kansai staple, okonomiyaki. When I used to regularly visit one shop (now sadly closed down), they’d always be two or three orders for delivery processed whilst I was eating.

Talking of okonomiyaki, I was watching some English language educational program on NHK a few months ago, and in their random foreigner talking on the topic of the lesson segment, they had a guy walking to work in Tokyo, telling us how he passed down a street with restaurants selling local Edo delicacies like the aforementioned okonomiyaki. NHK must have deliberately left that in to entertain the locals by laughing at the ignorant foreigner.

Q1: About how often do you use a food delivery service? (Sample size=12,313)

Once a week or more1.5%
Twice or thrice a month6.0%
Once a month12.0%
Once every two or three months18.5%
Once every six months18.7%
Once a year16.2%

Q2: What sort of food do you get delivered? (Sample size=those who use delivery services, multiple answer)

Lunch box12.4%
Soba or udon11.0%
Rice bowl8.9%
Fast food3.7%
Side dishes, catering3.7%
No answer0.3%

I’m not very sure what fast food is supposed to cover here! Can you get McDonalds delivered?

Q3: About how much do you spend per person on average on delivery food? (Sample size=those who use delivery services)

Up to 500 yen0.7%
500 to 1,000 yen22.3%
1,000 to 1,500 yen32.1%
1,500 to 2,000 yen16.3%
2,000 to 2,500 yen12.2%
2,500 to 3,000 yen8.1%
3,000 yen or more7.8%
No answer0.6%

Q4: What sort of times do you use delivery food services? (Sample size=those who use delivery services, multiple answer)

When I can’t be bothered cooking40.1%
When friends are coming round37.4%
When with family35.7%
When too busy to have time to cook28.5%
For special events26.2%
When I have a discount coupon23.1%
When relatives come round18.9%
When I want to eat my favourite foods18.9%
When I’m alone5.6%
Just for normal meals5.0%
No answer0.2%

Q5: About how long are you prepared to wait for delivery after ordering food? (Sample size=those who use delivery services)

Under 10 minutes0.3%
Under 15 minutes2.1%
Under 20 minutes6.6%
Under 30 minutes49.2%
Under 40 minutes19.7%
Under 50 minutes3.5%
Under 60 minutes14.3%
Over 60 minutes4.0%
No answer0.3%
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