Almost half of Japanese men start their workday with a canned coffee


How often do you buy canned coffee? graph of japanese opinioninfoPLANT recently looked at the purchase and consumption of canned and other prepared coffee – this excluded take away coffee, I believe. They gathered their self-selecting survey by means on a menu option through the DoCoMo iMode menuing system. Over a week at the start of October 6,480 successfully completed the survey, with 65.7% of the respondents being female.

News of a new, heavily promoted can brand entitled Deepresso is doing the rounds of the blogs right now, but I personally prefer a hot and steamy Sixty-Nine in the mornings to get me going.

A bit of coffee trivia – apparently “morning service”, a discounted breakfast most coffee shops do consisting of a hot drink, perhaps toast, boiled egg, three lettuce leaves or a hot dog, was initially introduced in the ’50s or ’60s by a restaurant in Namba, Osaka, where it consisted of a cup of coffee and two cigarettes. Nowadays, although they no longer offer the cancer sticks along with the drink, the fug in the average joint allows one to secondhandedly inhale.

Talking of cancer, if you’re a non-smoker, may I suggest that you avoid Roots brand coffee, as that is made by Japan Tobacco.

Q1: About how often do you buy canned coffee or other prepared coffee drinks? (Sample size=6,480)

Almost every day25.4%41.1%17.3%
Four or five times a week7.7%10.8%6.1%
Two or three times a week16.8%17.2%16.6%
Once a week10.6%8.7%11.6%
Two or three times a month13.7%7.7%16.9%
Once a month or less12.7%7.8%15.2%
Don’t buy coffee13.0%6.8%16.3%

Looking at the detailed age breakdown, all age groups bar teenagers and women in their twenties most often bought coffee daily.

Q2: About what time of day do you mainly buy canned coffee or other prepared coffee drinks? (Sample size=5,636, multiple answer)

4am to 6am3.7%6.5%2.0%
6am to 9am27.1%38.8%20.3%
9am to 11am21.0%23.7%19.5%
11am to 2pm29.8%27.5%31.2%
2pm to 5pm30.0%29.5%30.3%
5pm to 7pm21.6%22.6%21.0%
7pm to 9pm8.3%8.8%8.1%
9pm to midnight5.8%8.1%4.5%
Midnight to 4am3.7%5.2%2.8%

Q3: Where do you often drink the canned coffee or other prepared coffee drinks that you buy? (Sample size=5,636, multiple answer)

At work or school52.7%64.1%46.1%
Inside vehicles42.9%42.7%43.0%
At home26.7%19.5%30.8%
In the street, outside18.5%20.9%17.1%

Q4: What is important to you when you buy your coffee drinks? (Sample size=5,636, multiple answer)

Taste, aroma72.6%72.2%72.9%
Calories, amount of sugar41.2%35.8%44.4%
Maker or brand37.7%38.8%37.1%
Package design12.4%10.9%13.3%
Friends or relative’s recommendation, word of mouth12.2%5.6%16.1%
Advertising image10.9%9.9%11.4%
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