Shinto two and a half times luckier than Buddhism or Feng Shui


Following on from yesterday’s post showing us that the best way of getting rich quick is the lottery, here’s a survey from goo Ranking about where people keep their lottery tickets. As usual for these ranking surveys, there is no demographic information and the rank for each choice is expressed as a percentage of the votes for the top answer. The survey was conducted towards the end of August.

Don’t ask me why people put their tickets in the fridge, but if anyone else knows, please leave me a message.

Q: Where do you put your lottery tickets for safe keeping?

1In a drawer or on a shelf100
2Just whereever, no particular place63.5
3In my wallet48.6
4Household Shinto shrine32.6
5Household Buddhist altar12.5
6In a west-facing direction (Feng Shui)12.5
7Same place as I keep my bank passbook, etc11.1
8On top of the television8.3
9In the refrigerator or freezer8.3
10Same place as my secret stash of cash2.8
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  1. Lurker said,
    August 27, 2011 @ 14:05

    I’ll guess so they see them regularly and remember to check the drawing quickly.

  2. Lurker said,
    August 27, 2011 @ 14:06

    It’s not so different than putting them ON the ‘fridge with a magnet, but looks cleaner from the outside.

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