Which is better in TV ads: keyword or URL? graph of japanese opinionjapan.internet.com recently published the results of an opinion poll conducted by goo Research into search keywords in television advertising. At the end of September 1,088 people from thier monitor group successfully completed a web-based private questionnaire. Demographically, 58.1% were female, 21.8% in their twenties, 43.7% in their thirties, 24.0% in their forties, and 10.6% in their fifties.

Recently, Japanese television advertisements (and some print advertisements too) have tended to use instead of URLs a search keyword. Sometimes there are unique, made-up keywords, such as ウサタク, usataku, which, if fed into Google, matches the expected page. Others, however, have much more generic terms, even just HIS, but which, at the time of writing anyway, also works in Google. This seems like they would be a great target for googlebombing, but this seems not to have happened, which does seem a bit odd to me.

Q1: Have you ever seen a television advertisement with a web search keyword? (Sample size=1,088)

Yes (to Q2) 51.9%
No (to Q3) 48.1%

When asked which had left the greatest impression, the top were two Fujitsu computer advertisement phrases, namely 地底人は誰?, chiteijin ha dare?, who is the cave dweller?, and the above-mentioned ウサタク, usataku, a were-rabbit, basically. Next was 続きはWeb, tsuzuki ha Web, continued on the web, advertising the Life credit card.

Q2: Have you ever searched for the keyword from a television advertisement? (Sample size=565)

Yes 31.0%
No 69.0%

Q3: Which do you think is more convenient in television commercials: a search keyword or a URL? (Sample size=1,088)

Keyword 82.9%
URL 4.0%
Cannot say either is 13.1%


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