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The answer to headline is “not very much, quite frankly. And just 17 times a year.”

The Japanese division of the drug company Bayer recently published the results of a survey into Japanese married couples’ bedroom life. They interviewed 103 men and 103 women, all currently married, from each decade of life from their thirties to their sixties, excepting men in their forties, where they only had 102 people, making 823 people in total. The fieldwork was conducted between the 9th and 12th of June this year, by means of an internet questionnaire. No information is available on how the respondents were chosen.

In the second part we look at the degree of satisfaction in marriages; total sexlessness seems to be bad for a relationship, but even those with a somewhat sexless marriage seem to be reasonably satisfied overall. As one might expect, those most active in the bedroom seem to be the happiest.

Unfortunately, in Q8 the print on the graph is far too small and I cannot read it all; if anyone can help out, please leave me a short message.

Q6-1: Are you satisfied with sex with your spouse? (Sample size=823)

Very satisfied 8.4%
Quite satisfied 49.7%
Not very satisfied 27.2%
Not satisfied at all 14.7%

Q6-2: Have you ever talked with your spouse about your sex life? (Sample size=823)

Often talk 2.4%
Sometimes talk 23.8%
Don’t talk much 44.8%
Don’t talk at all 28.9%

Q7: Have you ever talked with your spouse about your sex life? (Sample size=823, by sexlessness)

  Often talk Sometimes talk Don’t talk much Don’t talk at all
0.5% 6.9% 27.1% 65.4%
Somewhat sexless
0.0% 17.3% 54.7% 28.0%
Not really sexless
2.7% 27.4% 56.7% 13.3%
Not sexless at all
7.6% 46.8% 32.9% 12.7%

Q8: What do you think is important for good sex with your spouse? (Sample size=823, up to two answers)

When we’re in a good mood 56.5% 70.4%
When not too tired 47.8% 40.0%
When both want to do it 31.1% 21.1%
When expressing love 11.4% 11.9%
Can’t read! 9.0% 12.8%
When a little tipsy 10.0% 8.0%
Out of the usual location, underwear, etc 5.1% 3.2%
When aware of each other’s can’t read! 2.4% 3.4%
Other 2.7% 2.4%

An extra figure mentioned in the text was that four-fifths of men but only one-fifth of women said they initiated sex.

Q9-1: Do you feel your spouse’s love in your daily life? (Sample size=823)

  Strongly feel Somewhat feel Don’t feel much Don’t feel at all
20.0% 59.7% 16.4% 3.9%
11.2% 43.1% 31.9% 13.8%
Somewhat sexless
11.2% 72.0% 15.4% 1.4%
Not really sexless
19.4% 67.3% 12.9% 0.4%
Not sexless at all
43.7% 50.0% 5.1% 1.3%

Q9-2: Do you think your emotional bond to your spouse is strong? (Sample size=823)

  Very strong Somewhat strong Weak Very weak
17.5% 62.5% 15.8% 4.3%
10.6% 43.1% 30.3% 15.0%
Somewhat sexless
8.9% 73.8% 16.8% 0.5%
Not really sexless
18.3% 68.4% 11.8% 1.5%
Not sexless at all
36.1% 60.1% 9.8% 0.0%

Q9-3: Have you ever thought about divorcing your partner? (Sample size=823)

  Often thought Sometimes thought Not really thought Not thought at all
5.8% 23.2% 40.7% 30.3%
17.6% 29.8% 33.0% 19.7%
Somewhat sexless
1.9% 25.7% 45.8% 26.6%
Not really sexless
3.0% 22.8% 44.5% 29.7%
Not sexless at all
1.9% 12.7% 36.7% 48.7%

Q10-1: Do you feel stress in your daily life? (Sample size=823)

Strongly feel it 16.5%
Somewhat feel it 52.9%
Don’t really feel 27.9%
Don’t feel at all 2.7%

Q10-2: Do you think you have a sexless marriage? (Sample size=823, by stress levels)

  Sexless Somewhat sexless Not really sexless Not sexless at all
Strongly feel it
39.0% 25.0% 26.5% 9.6%
Somewhat feel it
19.5% 28.0% 34.3% 18.2%
Don’t really feel
21.3% 24.8% 30.4% 23.5%
Don’t feel at all
4.5% 4.5% 36.4% 54.5%

Q10-3: If the sexless problem could be resolved, what sort of changes do you think there would be? (Sample size=402, up to two answers)

Be happier than I am now 31.8%
Could relate with more gentleness to my spouse 28.4%
Could show my love for my spouse 21.4%
Could have confidence in myself 16.9%
Could stop thinking about divorce 4.2%
Could resolve problems with caring for children or parents 4.0%
Other 27.4%

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