goo Ranking recently published the results of another silly ranking survey, this time on which famous person born overseas but living in Japan would you most like to go on an overseas trip with. As usual, no demographic information is available, and the scores given are percentages of the top votes.

Don’t ask me why Thane is so popular, and many of the other answers seem like people were just struggling to remember any gaijin’s name. Note that KONISHIKI, an ex-sumo champion, is actually a naturalised Japanese, I believe. Also note that for some reason they give the state that the USA people were born in, and “Los Angeles State” is an error in the published survey!

From that list, I think Panzetta Girolamo (a middle-aged Italian playboy sort of guy) is about the only person who might be interesting to go off on a trip with.

Q: Which foriegn-born famous person would you like to go with on an overseas holiday?

Famous person Birthplace Score
Thane Camus New York, USA 100
Yoon Son Ha South Korea 75.8
Takeshi Kaneshiro Taiwan 61.8
Risa Stegmayer Indiana, USA 61.1
BoA South Korea 52.9
Kane Kosugi Los Angeles State (eh?), USA 38.5
Panzetta Girolamo Italy 35.0
Yinlin of Joytoy Taiwan 28.0
Agnes Chan China 25.8
Bobby Valentine Connecticut, USA 22.9
Daniel Kahl California, USA 21.0
Dave Spector Illinois, USA 17.8
KONISHIKI Hawaii, USA 15.0
Kent Gilbert Idaho, USA 14.3
Carlos Ghosn Brazil 13.4
Kent Derricott Utah, USA 11.5
Osuman Sankhon Guinea 11.5
Peter Frankl Hungary 10.2
Marcia Brazil 9.9
Katsunori Kotooshuu Bulgaria 8.0
Bobby Ologun Nigeria 7.6
Bob Sapp Colorado, USA 7.0
Caiya Illinois, USA 6.7
Akinori Asashoryu Mongolia 6.7
Taro Akebono Hawaii, USA 5.4
Anton Wicky Sri Lanka 5.4
Zomahoun Idossou Rufin Benin 4.5
Ivica Osim Croatia 2.9
Randy Muscle Iran 2.5
Baruto Kaito (Kaido Hoovelson) Estonia 1.9


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