This isn’t an unseasonal survey, but as you may have noticed (or not, if you’re one of my RSS or LiveJournal readers) I’ve had a redesign! After getting a recent comment from Sho:

Love your site, but I must admit I don’t like the design much. That will scare a lot of people off.

I thought I should really update it. Perhaps when I chose the old theme it reflected my mood, so now thanks to the happy pills I’ve moved away from Journalized Winter to the brighter and slightly Web two point naught-ish rounded boxes of Nearly-Sprung.

It was pretty difficult finding a nice clean three-column theme with the centre story option; there’s quite a few with two right-hand or left-hand narrow columns, and Mike Little’s other Journalized themes were still a bit grey at the edges. So, I grabbed Nearly-Sprung (it’s a play on words of Almost Spring, the two-column theme that it is a reworking of) and have been hacking at it for a few days. If you notice anything out of place or otherwise looking broken, please give me a shout. I’d be especially interested in knowing if it looks strange in your browser. I feel the base font is perhaps just too small. What do my readers think?

I’ll be updating the advert colour palettes shortly, so no need to remind me about that! Also, all existing graphs have grey backgrounds, and I don’t have time to regenerate them all, but new ones should be white. My pie chart library doesn’t support transparent backgrounds, unfortunately.

Finally, when testing my theme, I found the small Preview Theme plugin from Ryan Boren rather useful.


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