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How do you most often wake up every morning? graph of japanese opinionjapan.internet.com recently published the results of a survey by Cross Marketing Inc into the use of mobile phone alarms. Over two days at the end of June they interviewed 300 members of their monitor panel by means of a private internte-based questionnaire. As is usual for Cross Marketing with their small sample sizes, both the sex and ages of the sample were blanced. 50:50 male and female, and 20% in each age band from teens to fifties.

You may recall a previous survey I translated where the alarm feature was found to be the most-used function excluding the basics of voice and mail. I can’t say I use mine very much – only when I have something to do the same day and can’t be bothered making a full schedule entry. I don’t know for sure whether or not there is a snooze feature on my phone, but I suspect there is a key somewhere to press. Usually during the week I have a proper alarm clock, although more often than not I awake before it, but the weekends my wife sets mobile alarms for the both of us.

Q1: What method do you most often use to wake up every morning? (Sample size=300)

Alarm clock29.3%
Mobile phone alarm42.7%
Family or flatmates wake me up6.3%
Get wake-up phone call0.0%
Television timer2.0%
Radio timer0.3%
Audio system timer0.3%
Wake up naturally18.7%

Note that 36.7% of sample, or 110 of the 127 who said they used their mobile’s alarm, thought that their mobile phone was the most effective method. What the rest of the people thought is not reported.

Now, 190 people reported that they currently use their mobile’s alarm functionality, so the following questions were asked of them.

Q2: Please tell me what is important in a mobile phone’s alarm function. (Sample size=190, multiple answer)

Snooze feature present13269.5%
Easy to set alarm on and off10655.8%
Alarm maximum volume10253.7%
Various sounds can be used for alaram (downloaded ring tunes, etc)7740.5%
Number of available alarms7338.4%
Easy to stop alarm ringing5730.0%
Flexible number of snoozes5528.9%
Flexibile snooze time3820.0%
Rich set of built-in alarm sounds2915.3%
Other alarms can ring during snooze mode2915.3%
Alarm minimum volume157.9%

Q3: On what occasions do you use your mobile phone’s alarm? (Sample size=190, multiple answer)

Every day9751.1%
Every weekday6534.2%
With other methods when feeling uneasy4222.1%
When staying at hotels3719.5%
When napping3719.5%
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