Time spent on web sites in Japan graphJust a quick report tonight from Nielson//NetRatings Japan on internet usage from home computers (not mobile phones) for the month of May 2006. First the graph for time spent on the top six sites.

This 16.3% for Yahoo! Japan represents about 125,000,000 hours, or an average of around 168,000 simultaneous users. However, when looking at time spent per user who visited each site, for mixi it was 4 hours and 28 minutes per person, over an hour longer per person than for Yahoo! Japan. In total, 42,400,000 people accessed the internet from home during May, with an average time spent online per person of 18 hours and two minutes.

Now, for number of page views.

Page views for web sites in Japan graphThe number of active mixi users reported here by Nielson//NetRatings was 3,220,000. I recently presented a survey on SNS usage that reported one in five users were members of SNSs, with over four in five members of mixi and nine in ten logging on at least once a week, which means that the about 15% reported in the previous survey is around double the figure here.

Looking at the growth of mixi, in just one year it has gone from about 2 million hours per month and 350 million page views in May 2005 to nearly 15 million hours and 2.2 billion page views in May 2006.

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