Do you want to use Skype in the future? graph of japanese, in conjunction with goo Research, looked at the use of Skype in Japan. They interviewed 1,011 people from their research monitor group by means of an internet-based questionnaire. 41.6% of the sample was male, 24.3% were in their twenties, 43.2% in their thirties, 25.4% in their forties, and 7.0% in their fifties.

Skype has been somewhat heavily promoted in Japan, with Livedoor being the main partner, and various hardware is available such as cordless phones or adapters for standard phone lines. However, with Google, Yahoo!, MSN and others offering free PC to PC VoIP service, and with the launch recently of a free IP telephony service in Japan called freep, the marketplace is getting rather crowded.

For those of you interested in learning Japanese, Tae Kim occassionally holds Skype-based language lessons.

Q1: Have you ever used Skype? (Sample size=1,011)

Frequently use it (to Q2) 1.9%
Sometime use it (to Q2) 4.5%
Installed it but not really used it (to Q2) 4.7%
Heard the name but not installed it (to Q4) 42.1%
Don’t know what Skype is (to Q4) 46.7%

When these 113 who had installed Skype were asked what features of it they used, 97 said for voice calls, 38 for text chat, 15 for file transmission, 10 for meetings or conferences, and just two joined in Skypecasts.

Q2: How satisfied are you with the sound quality of Skype? (Sample size=113)

Totally satisfied 24.8%
Somewhat satisfied 55.8%
Not very satisfied 14.1%
Totally dissatisfied 5.3%

Q3: Since you started using Skype, has your use of fixed-line phones, mobile phones, etc changed? (Sample size=113)

Stopped using fixed-line and mobile phones 14.1%
No change 74.3%
Tend to use fixed-line and mobile phones 0.9%
Don’t really know 10.6%

The 898 people who had not installed Skype were given an introduction to the service, then asked the following question.

Q4: Do you think you will want to use Skype in the future? (Sample size=898)

Rather want to 8.8%
Want to a little 33.5%
Don’t know 33.3%
Don’t really want to 14.5%
Don’t want to at all 9.9%


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