Have you used a video sharing site? graph of japanese opinionjapan.internet.com, in conjunction with goo Research, looked at the use of video sharing sites. 1,011 internet users from all over the country completed an online questionnaire; 57.5% of the sample were female, 24.2% in their twenties, 43.9% in their thirties, 23.0% in their forties, and 8.9% in their fifties.

YouTube is apparently a current hot topic of discussion, with over 2 million Japanese visitors reported. My main concern regarding these places is the copyright isssues, as there are many blatant rips of Japanese TV being uploaded, which is illegal regardless of any added value the uploader has attached, for example Lazer Ramon HG’s subtitled adventures!

Q1: Have you used a video sharing site? (Sample size=1,011)

Yes (to Q2) 17.0%
No 83.0%

Q2: Which sites have you used? (Sample size=172, multiple answer)

  Votes Percentage
Google Video 87 50.6%
YouTube 79 45.9%
MySpace Video 5 2.9%
ifilm 5 2.9%
Other 22 12.8%

Q3: How have you used these sites? (Sample size=172, multiple answer)

  Votes Percentage
Watch movie 154 89.5%
Download movie 39 22.7%
Upload movie 19 11.0%
Other 1 0.6%

When those 839 people who hadn’t used such a shared video site were asked if they wanted to use one in the future, 43.7% wanted to, either a lot or a little. 16.3% didn’t really want to use such a site, and 8.5% did not want to use them at all. However, over three in ten (31.5%) didn’t know if they wanted to or not.

The article finished by mentioning two services born in Japan; FlipClip, which is currently active, and WatchMe! TV, being developed by Fuji Television and due to enter beta testing in mid-July.


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