Here’s my first ranking survey from goo Ranking, one on last month’s most popular disease name (or disease-related) search keywords. Regular readers will be familiar with goo Research, in my opinion the highest quality research company whose output I translate, but here goo Ranking’s data comes in this case from their own search engine’s statistics, or in other cases from public web polls, so the figures should be taken with a pinch of salt. Regardless, they still provide an interesting snapshot of the typical goo user.

Rank Last month Disease (日本語) Disease (English)
1 2 ç³–å°¿ç—… Diabetes
2 3 ヘルペス Herpes
3 8 高血圧 High blood pressure
4 4 便秘 Constipation
5 口腔ケアと歯周病 Oral care and periodontitis
6 11 アレルギー Allergy
7 17 花粉症 Hay fever
8 7 甲状腺 Thyroid
9 10 膠原病 Collagen disease
10 9 è…°ç—› Lumbago
11 5 ç—” Piles, hemorrhoids
12 6 骨折 Broken bones
13 12 めまい Vertigo
14 18 リウマチ Rheumatism
15 14 é ­ç—› Headache
16 13 ヘルニア Hernia
17 20 帯状疱疹 Shingles, herpes zoster
18 15 肩こり Stiff shoulders
19 48 爪白癬(爪の水虫) Nail ringworm
20 21 口内炎 Mouth ulcers, stomatitis

I notice that rather appropriately constipation hasn’t moved.

I’ve had five of them since I came to Japan; I’ll leave it to your imagination as to which of them they were!


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