Do you often view television stations' web sites? graph of japanese, in conjuction with JR Tokai Express Research, investigated how people use television stations’ web sites; both PC-centric and mobile phone-targetted sites were included. By means of an internet-based questionnaire, they obtained the opinions of 317 employed persons from all over the country; 71.3% were male, 22.1% in their twenties, 43.5% in their thirties, 25.2% in their forties, 7.6% in their fifties, and 1.6% sixty or over.

This survey, I feel, poses more questions than it answers. Which programs’ sub-sites within each channel’s offering are people choosing to view? Getting program details covers too broad a ground from just getting a synopsis for a movie to checking out some of the factual (or not quite so factual, as the case may be) information presented by a show after the broadcast. Why did Q1SQ2 not investigate if people gave feedback to shows or played web site games? What about different usage patterns for PC-based and mobile-based access? I suspect these answers may be obtained if one is willing to part with cash, though!

Q1: Do you often view television stations’ web sites? (Sample size=317)

Often view (to SQ) 9.1%
Sometimes view (to SQ) 46.4%
Don’t view much 22.7%
Never viewed one 17.7%
Didn’t know they existed 4.1%

Q1SQ1: Which stations’ web sites do you often or sometimes view? (Sample size=176, multiple answer)

Fuji Television 65.3%
NHK 43.8%
TBS Television 38.1%
Nippon Television 34.7%
TV Asahi 26.1%
TV Tokyo 12.5%
Cable Television 8.0%
WOWOW 5.1%
Other 11.9%

Q1SQ2: Why do you view the television station web sites? (Sample size=176, multiple answer)

Drama and movie, etc details 63.6%
Check program listings 53.4%
Check who is appearing in a show 23.3%
Other 23.3%


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