Do you want to buy a kimono for yourself? graph of japanese opinion[part 1] [part 2] [part 3]

DIMSDRIVE Research recently performed a survey to find out what people thought about kimonos. Over one week at the end of January, they got 7,607 people, 60.4% female, from their internet monitor group to reply to the questionnaire. 1.6% of the respondents were in their teens, 19.6% in their twenties, 36.6% in their thirties, 26.2% in their forties, 11.9% in their fifties, and 4.1% sixty and over.

This second half sees some more interesting statistics. Most people don’t buy their own kimono, but I would like to know why. Is it a coming of age present? A wedding present? Do they get them new or as hand-me-downs?

It is also interesting how the kimono’s image is foremostly positive, with the top two answers praising it, but then followed by four very negative images.

Q7: Out of all the kimonos you have, how many did you buy yourself? (Sample size=3,763)

None 67.5%
One 13.6%
Two 6.1%
Three 3.6%
Four 1.3%
Five 2.6%
Six 0.6%
Seven 0.4%
Eight 0.6%
Nine 0.1%
Ten 1.5%
Eleven or more 2.1%

The highest number recorded was two people who said they had bought 250 kimonos themselves!

Q8: Where did you buy your kimonos? (Sample size=1,223, multiple answer)

Drapers (includes specialised kimono shops) 75.5%
Department store 33.5%
Recycle shop 6.4%
Mail order (internet, catalogue, TV shopping etc) 4.4%
Outlet, factory seconds sale 4.3%
Auction 4.0%
School 3.0%
General store 0.6%
Other 4.3%

Q9: Why did you buy your kimonos there? (Sample size=1,223, multiple answer)

Good stock 38.5%
Friendly shop 29.6%
Wide range 26.2%
Cheap 21.7%
Only place with stuff I liked 13.9%
Good customer service 11.4%
Close at hand 9.3%
Well-known shop 9.2%
Good after-service 7.1%
Can try on clothes 3.7%
Other 12.0%

Q10: When did you buy your last kimono? (Sample size=1,223)

Within the last six months 7.4%
Within the last year 7.8%
Within the last two years 8.0%
Within the last three years 4.7%
Within the last four years 3.1%
More than four years ago 57.9%
Can’t remember or don’t know 11.1%

Q11: In the future do you want to buy a kimono for your own use? (Sample size=7,607)

Yes 35.0%
No 34.4%
Don’t know 30.6%

Looking at the age breakdown, for men it was almost identical across the age groups; about 30% yes, just under 40% no, and just over 30% didn’t know. For women, the don’t knows were just about the same 30%, but younger women wanted to buy – 54.0% of those in their twenties, for instance, are potential future customers.

Q12: What image does the kimono have? (Sample size=7,607, multiple answer)

Japaneseness 78.1%
Elegant 62.7%
Difficult or troublesome to look after 59.1%
Nowhere to wear it 47.8%
Difficult to move in 46.7%
Don’t know how to or difficult to put on 44.8%
High-class 39.8%
Improves one’s figure 39.4%
Celebration wear 23.6%
Glamourous 23.3%
Formal and stiff 21.9%
Hot in summer, cold in winter 17.2%
Can cover style (eh? Pehaps means it can be worn at many different occasions?) 13.2%
Other 1.8%
Nothing in particular 1.4%

[part 1] [part 2] [part 3]

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Hikaru · February 14, 2015 at 06:47

“Can cover style” is a Japanese way of saying “figure masking”

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