How long each day do you use your mobile phone? graph of japanese opinionNEPRO JAPAN recently published an interesting survey on how mobile phones have changed users’ lives. They got replies from 4,610 people who answered a questionnaire available for one day at the start of February through iMode, vodafone live! and EZweb mobile phone service menus. The sample consisted of 40% male, 4% in their teens, 38% in their twenties, 41% in their thirties, and 17% aged forty and over.

Some of the figures are quite amazing, such as one in four spending over three hours a day on their phone. However, when you consider that the average commute for people is over 90 minutes per day (must find exact figures – I’ve just seen an in-train poster stating that statistic) and many people will be busy mailing or gaming (when they aren’t sleeping), the hours soon add up.

Question 3, on whether people use a fixed or a mobile line at home may very well be biased by people who still live at home but do not pay the fixed line phone bill.

Note also that this survey is self-selecting through a mobile phone menu, so people who only spend a couple of minutes per day on the phone are most unlikely to ever have seen this questionnaire!

Q1: Do you think that life has changed due to mobile phones? (Sample size=4,610)

Yes, strongly think so 43%
Yes, sometimes think so 42%
Can’t say yes or no 3%
No, don’t really think so 3%
No, not at all 1%
Other 1%
Don’t know 1%

Q2: Each day, for about how long in total (calls, email, games, web broswing, etc) do you use your mobile phone? (Sample size=4,610)

One to thirty minutes 15%
Thirty minutes to one hour 23%
One to three hours 35%
Three to five hours 15%
Five to eight hours 5%
Eight to ten hours 2%
Over ten hours 3%
Other 2%

Q3: When you want to make a phone call at home, which do you use more, your mobile phone or your fixed line? (Sample size=4,610)

Mobile phone (have fixed line) 43%
Mobile phone (no fixed line) 25%
Fixed line (have mobile phone) 15%
Fixed line (no mobile phone) 1%
Favour neither in particular 14%
No answer 2%

Q4: In what ways do you feel that life has changed thanks to the mobile? (Sample size=4,610, multiple answer)

Don’t need to remember phone numbers any more 71%
Become easier to change meeting times 65%
Become easier to keep in touch with family and friends 63%
Become easy to obtain information 53%
Don’t need to carry a watch or notebook any more 52%
Greatly increased my expenditure on phone and packet charges 47%
Can now get in touch regardless of the time of day or night 39%
No more idle time (eg send mail, play games in trains) 28%
Increased the number of friends 16%
Other 9%

It’s interesting that the above answers only included a single negative point.


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