Panasonic beats Sony, Honda, Microsoft and all comers


konosuke matsushita in timeDIMSDRIVE Research asked 4,205 people, 2,129 of them male, to name a great company founder or proprietor, in an internet-based survey carried out at the start of October last year.

Note the date that this was taken. It was before the problem with the Matsushita Fan Heaters cropped up, and before Takafumi Horie found himself in hot water regarding some share dealing. Since this second story is currently under criminal investigation, I will refain from comment, although I do note that there seems to be some element of the population that back Horiemon, and in fact some are suggesting that he will emerge from this scandal stronger, not weaker.

Regarding the Matsushita problem, however, I felt their response was very thorough, especially compared to the recent problems with Mitsubishi truck wheels falling off, and if anything too thorough, as for a month they pulled all their TV advertising and replaced them with simple information spots about the product recall, manned almost every kerosene stand with employees to ask purchasers if they have a National Fan Heater, and had leaflets distributed with everyone’s gas bill.

Why Japan has so many paraffin heaters is another matter altogether; even in my brand new block of flats with the almost unheard of luxury of double or bonded pair glazing on all windows and underfloor heating, the people directly above us own one. Thank goodness our place is also kitted out with a full complement of smoke detectors!

Q: Please tell me who you think is a great proprietor or founder. (Free answer)

Konosuke Matsushita (Panasonic)1508
Soichiro Honda (Honda)885
Bill Gates (Microsoft)208
Takafumi Horie (livedoor)144
Carlos Ghosn (Nissan)111
Masaru Ibuka (Sony)78
Isao Nakauchi (Daiei)73
Akio Morita (Sony)59
Sakichi Toyoda (Toyota)56
Masayoshi Son (Softbank)51

Q: Please tell me who you think is a great proprietor or founder. (By sex, free answer)

Konosuke Matsushita806Konosuke Matsushita702
Soichiro Honda538Soichiro Honda347
Bill Gates94Bill Gates114
Carlos Ghosn49Takafumi Horie103
Takafumi Horie41Carlos Ghosn62
Masaru Ibuka40Masaru Ibuka38
Isao Nakauchi35Isao Nakauchi38
Sakichi Toyoda28Akio Morita33
Akio Morita26Masayoshi Son29
Masayoshi Son22Sakichi Toyoda28

Looking at the breakdown by ages, but excluding the teenage group as the number of respondents is very low (although Takafumi Horie does clearly come out on top in that group), Konosuke Matsushita tops all bar one of the age bands, gaining over thrice the votes of the second place person amongst those fifty and older. Only amongst men in their twenties does Konosuke Matsushita lose to Soichiro Honda.

Other interesting people that feature in the league tables include Den Fujita, the ex-president of McDonalds Japan, the seventh equal choice amongst men in their twenties; and Momofuku Ando, the man who invented instant ramen, was tenth amongst women in their twenties

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