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what is a waste of time?With today being Japan’s Coming of Age Day – 成人の日, seijin no hi – Seiko (the watch people, as a watch is a popular present for these new adults from their parents) published a survey of soon-to-be adults to see what their views were regarding time. They questioned 517 people, 258 male, 259 female, in the middle of November last year. The demographics were almost exclusively students, numbering 89.6% of the total, with 3.5% part-timers or other temporary staff, just 1.8% in full-time employment, 0.4% self-employed, and 1.0% full-time housewives.

On the TV today, there was the usual coverage of the various Coming of Age Ceremonies, but the one I always find the strangest is the new tradition of spending it at Tokyo Disneyland, where it seems people are not celebrating their last chance at being a child by dancing with Mickey and Minnie, but are instead just continuing their relationship with Disney. Interviews with the participants afterwards always shows a child-like wonder at having touched Mickey and Minnie, the sort of reaction I would associate with a ten-year-old, not a twenty-year-old!

Q1: Spending what sort of time do you think is “mottainai” (what a waste!) time? (Free answer)

Dragging things out25.5%
Getting from place to place5.2%
On the internet4.6%
Watching the TV3.3%
Being in class2.3%
When I can’t be bothered doing anything1.9%
Waiting for things1.7%
Playing computer games1.5%

Q2: This year, when did you most feel time was too short? (Free answer)

Time playing with friends13.0%14.0%12.0%
Time spent with lover10.1%9.7%10.8%
Time spent studying, writing essays, etc10.1%9.3%10.8%
Time spent sleeping6.4%7.8%5.0%
Time spent working5.4%4.7%6.2%
Time spent on holiday5.2%2.7%7.7%
Time spent in exams3.9%5.0%2.7%
Time attending concerts3.7%1.9%5.4%
Time spent on computer games2.7%3.1%2.3%
Time spent on PC or internet2.7%3.1%2.3%

Q3: Who do you think is the top man and woman of the moment? (Free answer)

Man of the moment

Lazer Ramon HG (fuu!)18.0%18.6%17.4%
Junichiro Koizumi14.3%15.1%13.5%
Takafumi Horie7.0%8.5%5.4%
Mocomichi Hayami5.0%1.6%8.5%
Hiroshi Mikitani3.7%4.3%3.1%
Satoshi Tsumabuki3.7%2.7%4.6%
Bobby Valentine3.3%3.9%2.7%
Kazuya Kamenashi1.7%1.2%2.3%
Taizo Sugimura1.7%2.3%1.2%

Woman of the moment

Misaki Ito13.9%11.6%16.2%
Ai Miyasato6.8%7.8%5.8%
Kumi Koda4.8%3.5%6.2%
Aya Ueto4.6%5.4%3.9%
Yukie Nakama4.3%3.5%5.0%
Masami Nagasawa2.9%.9%1.9%
Kazuko Hosoki2.7%3.9%1.5%
Mika Nakashima2.5%1.6%3.5%
Moe Yamaguchi2.5%2.7%2.3%
Kuniko Inoguchi2.3%3.1%1.5%
Sayaka Aoki2.3%2.3%2.3%

Q4: If your life were a 42.195 kilometre marathon, where are you now? (Free answer, rounded for presentation)

0 kilometres8.1%11.2%5.0%
5 kilometres11.4%12.4%10.4%
10 kilometres32.3%27.9%36.7%
15 kilometres6.6%7.0%6.2%
20 kilometres6.2%7.8%4.6%

Q5: Mentally, how old do you feel? (Free answer)

Male AgePercentageFemale AgePercentage

Q6: How would you describe yourself as a ____ man (or woman)? (Free answer, grouped into types)

Type of personPercentageSample answers
Hobbyist37.5%Convenience store woman; udon man; PC man; Disney woman; car woman; appetite woman
Reflective35.8%Moratorium man; empty-headed man; failure woman; metronome man; electromagnetic wave woman (!?)
Forward-looking18.2%Starting out man; happy woman; turning the tables man; effort man; celebrity woman
Nothing in particular3.3% 
Other5.2%Girly man; bowing man; slipped disk woman
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