Endemic discrimination against Japanese women: part 2 of 2


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goo Research, along with Yomiuri Weekly, carried out a massive poll amongst working women. For a week at the end of September this year, over 10,000 working women aged 20 and over completed an internet-based questionnaire on their thoughts and opinions. Twenty years ago, the Equal Employment Opportunity Law was passed, so this is an investigation into how the position of working women has changed.

This second half of the survey sees working for the government as very popular, but engineering-based companies like Toyota and Sony are in the top three, with NTT and IBM also showing up. Two perhaps softer, more feminine companies, Benesse and Shiseido also do well, and with livedoor in sixth, perhaps its well-known distinctly non-Old Boy president indicates to women that the company may be run in a more welcoming, and dare I say Western, fashion.

Note also that the majority of women have felt sexual discrimination at work, and in particular two in five women have experienced problems in the area of salary, promotion, and work and family life balance.

Q6: Where would you like to work? (Sample size=10,042, free answer)

National civil service266
Local government office210
Goverment civil service51

The exact difference between a government civil servant and a national civil servant is unclear to me. Perhaps the distinction is the closeness to politicians.

Q6a: What is the most important reason why would you like to work there? (Sample size=Local+national+government civil service=527)

Easy for women to work there34.0%
Benefits are good25.0%
Salary is high12.0%
Lots of holidays8.0%

Q7: Who is your working woman role model? (Sample size=10,042, free answer)

Hitomi Kuroki589
My mother342
Sadako Ogata294
Nanako Matsushima198
Mother Teresa156
Harumi Kurihara151
Seiko Matsuda136
Makiko Tanaka127
Tomoko Yamaguchi101

Q8: Have you ever felt sexual discrimination at work? (Sample size=10,042)

Yes (to Q8a)70.1%

Q8a: In what sort of area have you felt sexual discrimination? (Sample size=7,040, multiple answer)

Handicapped by housework56.1%
Handicapped by bringing up children55.3%
Work atmosphere35.5%
Job reassignment34.8%
Handicapped by nursing21.3%
Social security benefits20.5%
Education and training16.4%
Job transfers13.0%
Age limits4.8%

The three handicapped items refer to having external responibilities regarding housework, children or nursing (children or elderly parents, etc) and feeling disadvantaged due to lack of consideration, etc, from work regarding balancing professional and private duties.

Q9: In the future, what sort of life style do you think is best for you yourself? (Sample size=10,042)

Splitting responsibility for housework and parenting fairly between husband and wife41.0%
With family life at the centre, working to help family finances to some degree37.3%
Be in charge of both outside work and housework4.8%
Get help with housework and parenting from relatives4.8%
Get outside help with housework and parenting (maid, nanny, etc)4.4%
Focus on work, and have housework the responsibility of husband2.7%
Leave husband responsible for work, housework and everything else0.8%

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    What’s up with wanting to work at Toyota?

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