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referrersIt’s now just about a month since I moved my site to this new domain, so I think it’s about time for a site news update.

I’ve installed the rather nice ExecPHP PHP pass-through plugin for WordPress and the rather naff, but it works, PHP graphing library LibChart, which I did modify somewhat in order to stop it sorting pie segments and to set the background colour. I suppose I should really add APIs for these functions. Since LibChart is released under the LGPL, if anyone requires my minor modifications, please ask and I will provide. I use ExecPHP only when preparing the post – as I always have to press the Advanced Editing button to get to the Technorati tags, the action of displaying the preview generates the pie chart in my graphics directory, so I can then delete the PHP from the final post, saving some processor overhead and potential file access issues. At some point, however, I should replace the PHP stuff with my own plugin that generates the graph is a slightly simpler fashion. I think having a graphic on most of the stories helps catch the reader’s eye a bit, and serves as a teaser to get them to read beyond the front page.

Traffic is interesting to watch; see the pie chart at the head of this story for the main sources of my readership. The big Slashdot slice is due to a creative semi-spam-like posting!

Looking at search engine traffic in detail, apart from spammy searches for trackback links (does anyone know any good methods for avoiding trackback spam?) my top search string is “trivia no izumi”. I’ve also been trying to find an application to do detailed server log analysis, specifically looking at a given URL and seeing who accessed it, so that I can get some sort of feel for where my RSS feed traffic in particular is coming from, as it’s my second-busiest page!

I hope the AdSense adverts are not too intrusive, as I worry the current set of displayed adverts that I see are not particularly good; there’s a lot of low-cost generic blog stuff, even though I do implement the Google AdSense section targeting options to cut out the sidebars. Perhaps an email to Google Support may be in order? Then again, I’ve just installed the Google AdSense preview tool for Internet Explorer and that seems to explain quite a lot of things; in order to try to get a good search rating for surveys and polls, I use the word quite frequently in my posts. However, that also means that AdSense homes in on that word, which seems most frequently associated with the silly “What sort of shoe care product are you?” type of blog entries, thuus generic blogging ads pop up. Also, the G of HG seems to be a stop word for many ads – that page will probably only display public service ads in the UK and USA. Ho-hum.

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