Pet life in Japan


MyVoice conducted a web-based opinion poll amongst the 12,311 members of their internet community, of whom 57% were female, to find out their opinions about keeping pets. Given that most of the pet shops I see seem to be 80% dogs and dog-related items, I’m very suprised to see that cats are scoring so highly! Perhaps it’s just that cats are easier to obtain from friends than dogs?

Q1: Do you currently keep a pet at home?

Plan to get one in the near future0.9%
I want to keep one sometime18.6%
I’ve no plan to get one41.2%

Q2: What sort of pet do you have? (Sample size= 4,838, multiple answer)

Small dog22.2%
Medium-sized dog20.9%
Goldfish or koi carp18.2%
Tropical fish10.2%
Large dog5.3%
Other small animal2.9%
No answer0.1%

Q3: How do you normally keep your pet? (Sample size=4,838, multiple answer)

Half-and-half inside and outside16.2%
No answer1.0%

Q4: What problems do you have living with your pet? (Sample size=4,838, multiple answer)

Shedding hair50.1%
Pet smells30.1%
Worries leaving pet home alone30.1%
Tidying up mess25.6%
Dirt and damage on floor25.0%
Toilet smell24.4%
Can’t leave pet alone22.5%
Howls and other noise19.4%
Dirt and damage on walls16.6%
Space for cage, kennel, tank11.9%
Space for pet goods10.4%
Arduous to look after10.1%
Difficult to wash and shampoo8.1%
Messy eating7.8%
Small living space6.5%
No particular problems11.7%
No answer0.2%

Q5: Why do you not have a pet? (Sample size=7,473, multiple answer)

Pets not permitted in accommodation32.1%
Busy and always out so difficult to look after30.4%
Haven’t got an environment to look after pets26.0%
Too sad if I think about looking after ill or aged pets23.0%
Arduous to look after20.9%
Small living space14.0%
Don’t like animals11.3%
Family is opposed10.1%
Allergic to animals8.2%
No answer5.8%
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