Why Japanese teeth are often wonky


Last December, MyVoice carried out a survey about brushing teeth. In Japan, dentist skill, and dental hygiene, or lack thereof, is often a subject of ridicule by the foreign contingent, but I seem to have been lucky and found a very good dentist. Actually, if it hadn’t been for my Japanese dentist and all the work he did (yes, I have British teeth) I don’t think I’d have had the confidence to meet my wife.

They sought the opinion 16,013 people via a web-based survey from the internet community “MyVoice”, of whom 42% were male, and found, amongst other things, that not many people at all attend regular check-ups.

Q1: Each day, how many times do you normally brush your teeth?

Don’t usually do so1%
Four or more times2%

Q2: If you brush your teeth, which of the following do you use when brushing? (Multiple answer?)

Non-electric toothbrush77%
Dental floss19%
Electric toothbrush18%
Interdental brush12%
No answer0.1%

Q3: Have you used an electric toothbrush?

Currently using one18%
Used to use one, but not now43%
Never used one38%
No answer1%

Interestingly, 4% more men currently used an electric brush and 8% more women had stopped using one.

Q4: Do you think you’ll want to use an electric toothbrush in the future?

Really want to use19%
Somewhat want to use40%
Don’t really want to use30%
Don’t want to use at all10%
No answer1%

Q5: Which of the following statements are accurate regarding your own teeth? (Multiple answer)

I brush my teeth just as a habit45%
I really want beautiful white teeth42%
I have tooth decay29%
I’m concerned about stains from tobacco, tea and coffee, etc28%
I try to eat gum and sweets with Xylitol in them28%
Sometimes a dentist removes plaque and tartar24%
I often brush, as my teeth are very important21%
I am troubled by gingivitis and other gum disease21%
I actively seek information for maintaining healthy teeth15%
I get regular check-ups at the dentist14%
I’ve worn a brace7%
I have almost no regard for the state of my own teeth4%
No answer0%

That regular check-up figure of 14% compares with 61% in the UK, the usual butt of American jokes, and 66% in the USA.

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