Le Beaujolais Nouveau est arrivé!


DIMSDRIVE Research investigated the Japanese love of fads, this time Beaujolais Nouveau, due this coming Thursday the 17th. I think the only time I’ve ever drunk the stuff (I’m mildly allergic to something in red wine that puts me under the table after less than a glassful, and I’m not keen on the taste either) was in my favourite Soba Noodles shop that was serving free thimblefuls of last year’s left overs as an appetiser one day. However, it seems over half the Japanese interviewed want to drink Beaujolais Nouveau.

DIMSDRIVE surveyed 5,519 people from their internet monitor group at the end of October, 2,232 male, 3,287 female. 19.0% were in their twenties, 39.4% in their thirties, 27.4% in their forties, 10.7% in their fifties, and 3.5% 60 or over; and the frequency of wine drinking was 1.9% almost every day, 2.6% three to five times a week, 8.8% once or twice per week, 17.4% twice or thrice a month, 21.8% once every two or three months, 24.2% even less frequently, and 23.3% never drunk any wine at all.

Q1: Do you know of “Beaujolais Nouveau”? (Sample size=5,519)


Q2: For those answering yes in Q1, which of the following things do you know regarding Beaujolais Nouveau? (Sample size=5,362, multiple answer)

It’s made in the French region of Beaujolais69.5%
The third Thursday in November is the release date67.7%
Amongst developed nations, the release date comes earliest in Japan50.4%
The wine is bottled only two months before the release date26.9%
There are brands called Beaujolais and Beaujolais Village23.2%
It’s only made from the Gamay grape9.5%
Don’t know anything in particular7.7%

Hmm, that third one sounds fishy! What about New Zealand? Perhaps the Kiwis have more sense than to fall for the marketing hype? Ahh, it’s the Japanese love of being unique, I suppose! Of course, the simple reason could be that it doesn’t get to New Zealand until a day later, but all the stuff gets shipped well ahead of time!

Q3: Did you drink last year’s Beaujolais Nouveau? (Sample size=5,362)


Q4: Do you think you want to drink this year’s Beaujolais Nouveau? (Sample size=5,362)

I really want to drink it14.1%
I would quite like to it42.2%
I don’t really want to drink it23.6%
I don’t want to drink it at all20.1%

Q5: Why do you want to drink this year’s Beaujolais Nouveau? (Sample size=3,019, multiple answer)

Because it’s an event42.8%
Because I like wine37.7%
Because I want to experience the season37.1%
Because it’ll be a topic of conversation32.5%
Because I drink it every year22.2%
Because this year’s advance publicity is good5.6%
No particular reason7.3%

Q6: Who do you want to drink this year’s Beaujolais Nouveau with? (Sample size=3,019, multiple answer)

By myself19.1%
Relatives or acquaintance4.5%

Q7: Do you plan to buy a bottle of Beaujolais Nouveau this year? (Sample size=3,019)

Plan to buy42.2%
Don’t plan to buy23.0%
Don’t know yet34.8%

Of the people who really want to drink Beaujolais, almost 4 in 5 plan to buy a bottle, as opposed to, say, just a glass in the pub. Also, two thirds who drunk it last year plan to buy a bottle this year too.

Q8: For those who plan to buy, have you reserved a bottle of Beaujolais Nouveau this year? (Sample size=1,275)

Already reserved19.8%
Not reserved80.2%

Q9: How many brands of Beaujolais Nouveau do you plan to buy this year? (Sample size=1,275)

Two or three51.2%
Four or five3.1%
Six to ten0.6%
More than ten0.2%
Don’t know5.7%

Q10: How much do you plan to spend per bottle this year? (Sample size=1,275, multiple answer)

Less than 1000 yen4.2%
1000 to 2000 yen44.8%
2000 to 3000 yen49.1%
3000 to 5000 yen16.5%
5000 to 10,000 yen3.2%
Over 10,000 yen0.7%
Don’t know4.2%

Q11: Where do you plan to buy this year? (Sample size=1,275, multiple answer)

Liquor store43.1%
Department store28.2%
Discount store25.0%
Internet mail order12.9%
Convenience store9.6%
Other delivery service2.0%
Order direct from France1.0%

Q12: What are the important points when you are buying Beaujolais Nouveau? (Sample size=1,275, multiple answer)

Label design27.0%
Talked-about label23.4%
Label name18.5%
Bottle design18.0%
Limited edition16.7%
Maker (distributor) name16.0%
Label I drink every year13.3%
Bottle contents size10.7%
Region of production9.5%
Nothing in particular5.5%

Probably not surprisingly, price was most important for retired men and label design was for young women!

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