Been a bit slow recently


Sorry folks, but real life is still very busy, and may be hectic for another couple of weeks as I’m studying for a kanji exam that should be quite tricky, given my total inability to write kanji properly! I’ve also decided I should open another blog to allow my more creative side (if I have one, of course) to develop, or at least just provide an outlet for general moaning about Japan, life and everything, and a test-bed for various blogging tools and stuff. I’ll officially announce it once I get it set up correctly and get a wee bit of content.

I’ve had an embarrassingly huge amount of hits for my H*T N*K*D J*P*N*S* T**NS post! Almost 25% of my traffic for a week came in through Technorati tags, and just this week I’ve got into the MSN Search index and been having a steady flow of hits from pervie searches. I’ve had but one Google hit in all the time I’ve been in there, but MSN Search seems to be turning up the goods for me.

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